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SoundSync [Tool]

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  1. VeryBigCorp

    VeryBigCorp New Member

    Hello all!

    I have just made an application that allows you to have automatic profiles to set your volume and ringer throughout the day :D It's extremely useful to me and I hope it is to you as well.

    As I'm a new member, I can't seem to post a link, so I'll post the URL in full :(


    How many times has your phone rung in a class or meeting undesirably? How many times has it not rung at all when you needed it to because you switched it to silent and forgot to revert it? With SoundSync, you no longer need to trifle over such inconveniences. Just create various profiles to meet your daily demands and let SoundSync adjust your ringer and volumes at those points of the day. The volume mechanism in Android is a bit wonky. Why not make it easier? SoundSync does exactly this. How many times have you changed the ringer volume but also wanted your media volume to change? How many times have you changed your media volume but to your surprise, the ringer stayed at 0 so when somebody called you, you couldn't hear it? SoundSync allows you to have each volume change accordingly when you adjust one. For example, if you changed your media volume, your ringer volume would change to match it. This is fully configurable and can be disabled.

    Current Features:
    • Automatic volume and ringer changing
    • Multi-volume adjusting (configurable)
    • Widget for quick ringer changing and viewing the current profile
    Upcoming Features:
    • One-time profiles
    • Specific-day recurring profiles
    • Location-based profiles

    Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

  2. VeryBigCorp

    VeryBigCorp New Member

    I supposed that the high price tag was a turn-off, so I lowered it to US $.99.

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