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Spacedraw, the first full-featured 3d-modeling software for tablets and smartphones [App] [Free]

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  1. Scalisoft

    Scalisoft Member

    An advanced 3d-graphics program, introducing novel ways of viewing, drawing & modeling, is now available for free / $4.99!

    Spacedraw covers
    • drawing / constructing lines, curves and primitives
    • polygon- and patch-modeling
    • lighting, materials, texture mapping
    • 3d-painting
    It is developed from scratch for tablets and smartphones
    • makes efficient and intuitive use of multi-touch and motion-sensors throughout
    • runs on almost any Android-device and adapts to any screen-size, -type and -resolution
    The program is aimed at both professionals and novices

    Available at scalisoft.com is is
    • a detailed feature list
    • a comprehensive user manual
    • first examples of what can be done with Spacedraw, as scene files with construction-history, and screencasts of the creation
    • a quick-start guide to take the first steps with Spacedraw
    Spacedraw is available as a free, ad-free version that can be used without any limitation aside from
    • only scenes and models with up to 1000 vertices, and no undo-history can be saved to files
    A key can be purchased to remove this limitation for currently just $4.99

    Get it at Google Play!

    Please use this thread to discuss the program!


  2. Scalisoft

    Scalisoft Member

    The user manual is now available here as PDF, so you can easily skim through the features
  3. Scalisoft

    Scalisoft Member

    A detailed tutorial about creating a tower, written also for novices is now available in the Getting started section of the website

  4. Scalisoft

    Scalisoft Member

  5. Scalisoft

    Scalisoft Member

    [​IMG] Professional 3D modeling on tablets and smartphones is viable finally!

    - Major new version of Spacedraw available, further extensive updates to follow soon and regularly

    • is a full-featured 3D-modeling program for all Android tablets and smartphones
    • is developed from scratch to make use of multi-touch and motion-sensors throughout
    • introduces novel ways of viewing, drawing & modeling

    Features include
    • CAD construction
    • advanced polygon & patch modeling
    • lighting & texture mapping
    • 3d-painting

    Since the release in October 2012, Spacedraw has proved suitable for creating professional artwork, see the images below, done 100% with Spacedraw on a 4" smartphone (using beta versions of the new release).

    However, Spacedraw was not developed further for over a year, and serious bugs and shortcomings prevented its application in real-world projects. This will change with the release of version 1.1 today, that fixes over 20 serious bugs and adds more than 10 important features, e.g.
    • orthographic projection
    • backface culling
    • freezing objects
    • unselect tools
    • repeated extrude
    • completely redesigned reference CS management

    The further development runs at full speed now, next updates soon will bring
    • fundamental usability improvements
    • interactive help and tutorials
    • substantial performance increase
    • stylus support
    • a complete revision of the painting tools
    • a multitude of new functionalities, e.g. advanced rendering capabilities, boolean operations
    • full-featured animation

    Suggestions for improvements are highly welcome and will be taken seriously!

    See www.scalisoft.com for further information

    Spacedraw is available as a free version without ads on Google Play and Amazon that can be used with the following limitations:
    • only scenes with up to 1000 vertices can be saved or exported as .obj files
    • the undo-history cannot be saved to files
    A key can be purchased for currently just $2.99 (until March 8, then $11.99) to remove these limitations (Google Play , Amazon)




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