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    Hello and thanks for reading this! I've developed a kids Spanish elearning app, and unfortunately only have access to my husband's phone - other than that I've been using my iPad for all testing.

    This app has 7 Spanish teaching lesson units (colors, animals, family words, weather, telling time, body parts, & la cucaracha song) plus the alphabet, including 1 full length song animation of La Cucaracha, from my book Musical Spanish, learn through pop music.

    I've tried to make the app both colorful and useful for actual learning, by including things like phonics for little ones, and a peso reward system to help give the kids incentive.

    This was authored in Adobe Flash CS5.5, and works pretty well on the iPad, so fingers crossed!

    I'd love any feedback from Android users - and would be happy to give a year of free e-learning on my website to anybody who wants to beta test and give me feedback.

    I've also been accepted as a Nook developer, and if anybody has tips on getting this ready for Nook, I'd be overjoyed :)

    Here is a link to my APK:

    warm wishes
    Stacey Reiman

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    file updated
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    file updated
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    Link is down
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    There are many online programs for kids to learn Spanish. It offers the opportunity of practicing and learning Spanish. There are many interactive and non-interactive activities that are fun and educational. There are many resources like bilingual books, and educational links to other sites.

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