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  1. OscarBlanco

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    Up until the most recent system update, when driving, if I wanted to make a call, all I had to do was press the headphone's mic button for a little over a second and the Google search voice would speak up and say:
    "Speak now!" after which a beep would sound and I would say "Call..." and the name of the contact.
    Then, if there where options, it would ask which phone to call.

    Now when I press that button nothing happens, and if I unlock the phone, it's not active, so it means it's not opening.

    If I press the button in the same way with my phone unlocked, the search option opens, but it doesn't say "Speak now!" either...

    Where can I reset it to work the way it was working before?

  2. OscarBlanco

    OscarBlanco Member

  3. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Have you recently upgraded to android 4.1.X mate?
    If so, the commands might be different because youre using Google Now instead of S-voice when you press the button.
    Hopefuly someone can expand further.
    im scottish so voice recognition will never work for me but id look into setting up Google Now and what voice commands it uses

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