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  1. Wakemaker

    Wakemaker New Member

    I have an LG Thrill phone that is only 4 months old, and all of the sudden my speaker doesn't work. My phone makes all the other sounds, speakerphone works, and the ringtones work but when I make a phone call I can't hear anything out of the regular speaker. It was working in the morning, and I went to work and hooked it up to my Pioneer bluetooth stereo, and used the stereo's microphone to make phone calls, and listened to music through my radio from my phone via bluetooth, and everything worked great. I have done this a few times before with no problems, but I have never left the bluetooth connection on all day like I did this day. After the day was over I went to make a phone call and I couldn't hear the phone I was calling ringing. I thought something was wrong with the connection, but I found that when I put it on speakerphone I could hear fine. It's like the internal speaker is disabled or something. I have looked for a setting everywhere but I can't find anything. Please help.

  2. Brazbit

    Brazbit Member

    Just a wild guess here but I would start by turning off bluetooth and seeing if it suddenly starts working. Perhaps it is confused and still thinks it is linked to the radio?

    Also the default tech fix of turning the phone off and back on would probably be a good quick thing to try.
  3. Wakemaker

    Wakemaker New Member

    Powered the phone off/on several times, turned of bluetooth, unpaired device, and even did a Hard Reset (Factory Reset) all to no avail.
  4. Brazbit

    Brazbit Member

    Ugh not good. If the factory reset didn't resolve the issue than it is not likely any software/settings change is going to fix it. That pretty much leaves a physical problem.

    I had this same thing happen on my last Windows Mobile phone, one day the primary handset speaker stopped working and just like your situation the speaker phone speaker and Bluetooth worked fine. I didn't have an extended warranty but I was still able to call AT&T, walk through all the steps I had already done, and told them I had done, to get them replace the phone free of charge as a manufacturing defect. NOTE: They extended my contract 2 years from the date of replacement.

    So your choices are likely going to be get AT&T to replace the phone or live with having speaker and Bluetooth only.

    Hopefully someone else has a better idea but given that you have already tried the factory reset I find it unlikely.

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