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  1. Rocko20

    Rocko20 Member

    No sound from the speaker, just randomly happened. Rebooting doesn't work. I have not rooted the phone.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Cavetree

    Cavetree New Member

    This happened to me too. However, I heard it starting to distort/fizzle out while I talking on speaker phone. I didnt even realize that the input beeps and clicks were silent until then. I restarted and tried doing a call again and it seemed to come back on after a few seconds of silence.

    My phone is rooted, has busybox, RyanZA's one click lag fix, and I enabled sideloading by database editing.

    What is the status of your phone now? What apps have you installed? Anything in relation to audio or music?
  3. Rocko20

    Rocko20 Member

    The only thing I do in relation to music is listen to pandora once in awhile. I don't have any media files. My phone has been lagging pretty badly lately which has been annoying. I don't have too many apps. Shazam, pandora, battery indicator, juice defender, atk, and a few small games and stuff.

    I haven't done anything to side load apps or anything to change stock ui.
  4. idilium

    idilium Well-Known Member

    i have not root my phone and i don't plan to do it in happy with it.
    but after reading alot of the posts where people is having problems with
    this phone all have 1 thing i common all are rooted.

    i haven't have any problem with my phone at all so maybe rooted users are making a mistake in doing that?
  5. Rocko20

    Rocko20 Member

    I haven't rooted my phone so that isn't the case here
  6. Cavetree

    Cavetree New Member

    Hey Rocko20,

    Any update on your speaker issue? Have you gotten it to come back on or have you taken it back for an exchange?
  7. dusdon

    dusdon New Member

    I just started having this problem. Took the phone in to ATT they took battery out sim card out and sd card out, now it works fine.
  8. Extract0r

    Extract0r Well-Known Member

    Flashed I897UCJH3 firmware
    Overclocked to 1.2GHz with SRE v1.2.1a
    Lag Fix

    = Incredible performance + Fully functional GPS + Zero problems
  9. liljustinh

    liljustinh Member

    mine stopped working yesterday,.... anyone have any other fixes tried taking out the batter and sim cards and that didn't work
  10. intelll

    intelll Member

    speaker stop working on my capi... no fix yet. did any one try to take captivate apart to fix it. it appear that this is physical problem not software issue.
  11. srein1

    srein1 New Member

    mine suddenly stopped working today - on the phone with samsung support for over an hour and no help at all - they say no one has had this problem - they want me to send in the phone for a six day repair
  12. srein1

    srein1 New Member

    did all the reboots and they had me do a hard reset -- no help
  13. sero

    sero Well-Known Member

    anybody find fix for this yet or have sent your phone in for a fix? mine randomly started this yesterday. i havent downloaded or even updated any of my apps in a week so thats not the problem. not rooted either so thats not the case.

    totally random and i'm aggravated as hell. really dont feel like starting fresh on the phone :\
  14. Jack45

    Jack45 Well-Known Member


    Try this:

    Remove the battery from the phone and, with your index finger, aggressively tap 1 time on the speaker grill. Reboot the phone and let me know how it goes.
  15. TevocRoux

    TevocRoux Member

    I have the speaker phone issue too. One day I just noticed, zero sound. No fizzle, no on again off again. I called ATT and Samsung. Samsung offers a 2 day ship, 2 day fix, 2 day ship scenario with the original Mfr warranty date. ATT offers 0 down time, refurbed phone with the original mfr warranty date. I'm annoyed that a refurb doesn't have it's own warranty date. Why do we buy $200 phones that aren't even lasting a year now?
    I have pulled the battery, done a factory reset, pulled the SIM, pulled the SD....it must be hardware.
  16. Alli_Anne_BB

    Alli_Anne_BB Active Member

    I've been also having speaker problem issues as well. Whenever it goes off, I tap on the back of the phone where the speaker is, and it comes back on, def a hardware problem :( it just started doing this is last week.
  17. 41a

    41a New Member

    Great! Mine started doing this too. Very frustrating to miss calls. Pulling the battery and restarting only makes the speaker work for awhile...seems less and less. This phone was too expensive! It isn't even a year old yet!!
  18. scottybones

    scottybones Well-Known Member


    this is common problem with this phone regardless if rooted/ROM/non rooted. If your phone is under warranty (1 year) and your using a ROM, flash back to stock, ATT will replace it for you no issues (i did this monday). But make sure you back up all your stuff. they WONT back up DATA only contacts, so be sure you use titanium backup. And if u already have a stock rom. just take it to ATT youll be set.

    peep this guys website, hell replace the speaker for you CHEAP AS HELL!

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