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  1. Bosta92

    Bosta92 New Member

    I'm having problem with my Galaxy.
    It just don't play any sounds on spekers(front and back-one) and internal microphone does not work (so I can't play music on speakers or make calls).

    3.5 mm jack works fine, also external microphone.

    I used it like every day and this morning when I called my friend it didn't work...
    Anyone have idea what to do??
    Maybe returning to factory settings(how can I do it) ?

    Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand my problems.

  2. ryko

    ryko Well-Known Member

    Hi had this problem before, I think its due to the headphone socket I found that pushing and pulling the headphone jack out of the phone a few times untill you get the jingle to informs you that the headphone has been disconnected. It seems that the Galaxy has a non standard 3.5 jack. A few people have posted on this.
  3. Bosta92

    Bosta92 New Member

    thanks for help!
    now problem's solved...i was connecting and disconnecting headphones for about 20 times and now everything works OK :)
  4. Riksu8

    Riksu8 Member

    Wish I'd seen this last November.. I had the exact same problem with my phone, but didn't know how to fix it. I tried several times connecting the headphones I had and taking them off again, but I couldn't get it to work. I opted to send my phone back for repairs, and they held my phone for a month ;_; When I finally got it back, it wasn't even my original phone, so I'm guessing they couldn't figure it out either.

    There's still the possibility that the mic and/or speakers on my original phone were actually bust, but reading this I'm having second thoughts.
  5. jalipur123

    jalipur123 Active Member


    have a kinda strange issue with my speaker.
    Was listening to webradio throu the loudspeaker all tuesday and recieving calls aswell as making calls all day and had no problems with my speaker.
    BUT then when i had finished working for the day and was on my way home the speaker all of the sudden stopped working.
    Made a phonecall to a friend and it was all dead. When ppl call me the signal works but when i answer its all dead, i cant hear them and they cant hear me.
    when i dial its the same no sound at all from the dialpad, my sms click sound doesnt work either.
    I have reseted the whole phone and tried without any apps installed but its the same thing.
    so im guessing my phone is destroyed and need to send it in to samsung, i just cant figure out how the hell it could happen. I didnt do anything special at all to it, didnt drop it, didnt install anything.
    The only thing i did was unplug it from the charger when i was goin home for the day. (webradio draws alot of battery so i usually have the phone plugged in when listening to radio)

    anyone have any ideas?
  6. Cougar

    Cougar Well-Known Member

    Sounds like it's broken.

    Couple of leftfield ideas; is it possible you've spilt something in it? Wet speakers are unhappy speakers. Also, try plugging / unplugging headphones in, in case it thinks there's a headset connected when there isn't. And, perhaps obviously, reboot the phone.
  7. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    when someone calls you can you hear the ringtone?
  8. jalipur123

    jalipur123 Active Member

    ye when someone calls me i can hear the ringtone, but when i answer.. nothing.
    Reboot? u mean restart?
    in any case i have both reseted and taken the battery off, but didnt work.
    Ill try the thing with the handsfree thou, havent tried that yet.
  9. ppanagopo

    ppanagopo Member

    Try hardware check codes .. posted at this forum ...
    I'll try to post the link but the ones you need are :
    *#*#0673#*#* and or

    (you dial these from dialer , no need to pres "Call" and "MelodyTest" menu comes up..
  10. Cougar

    Cougar Well-Known Member

    Just a thought, when someone calls and you can't hear them, is the graphic onscreen green or blue?
  11. therompalace

    therompalace Member

    i had almost the same problem - but mine was activated when i accepted a call while my music player was connected to my headphones. When I accepted the call then unplugged the jack, the software for some reason didn't register that I unplugged my headphones and the audio, both input and output were still going through the jack and not the regular way. I found a silly solution - try to blow compressed air into your headphone jack and your speakers. I don't know exactly why this works, but it did for me. My guess is that something was shorting out inside the jack to make the phone think it's connected. Blowing air just clears it.

    When you restart, can you hear the start up sound on galaxy/android bootup? You should be able to since you can hear the ringtone. If this is the case, your phone is not broken (or at least your speakers aren't).

    Do a test call to some other phone and see if they can hear you. This is to test your mic. If they cannot hear you as well, then you know the both input/output audio is being channeled through your jack. Try what I suggested and see if it works. It may not, but worth a try.
  12. jalipur123

    jalipur123 Active Member

    tried the hardware check codes. all of them worked, but the reciever sound was kinda low compared to headphone and the other one, not sure if its supposed to be so.

    Well my problem didnt start by using headphone at all. i was just listening to radio throu the speaker and when i unplugged the phone from the charger (had it charging all day, cause radio drains battery like hell) then all of the sudden the sounds diseppeared, well exept my ringtone as i wrote earlier

    Yes i can hear the start up sound on galaxy/android.

    Tried with the headphone on and no sound from the dialer.

    tried both getting calls and doin calls and now all of the sudden it friggin works!
    but like i said still no dialer sound, this phone is driving me crazy tbh.
  13. drflake

    drflake New Member

    Incredible!!! It worked for me. same problem ... same solution.
    Not a silly solution but a silly mobile :mad:

    Thnks!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  14. kreator

    kreator Member

    Try plugging/unplugging your headphones several times WITH YOUR CHARGER plugged in. It worked for me
  15. hopbit

    hopbit New Member

    I have the same problem. Those solutions doesn't work in my case :/
  16. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    you may have a hardware fault then
  17. tanya101

    tanya101 New Member

    I blew into the ear speaker and the input jack part and it began to work immeditely. I couldn't believe it. Thanks so much. You saved my camping trip!!!!!!
  18. tanya101

    tanya101 New Member

    I was on a camping trip and I couldn't hear through my speakers after a rainy day. Needless to say I was upset and ready to pack up everything until I decided to check the internet for help and I came up with this forun. And a easy solution....blow into the ear speaker and input jack....it worked immediately!!!!! Thanks soooooo much, you saved my vacation!!!!!!!
  19. inFECT

    inFECT Well-Known Member

    fyi: merged both "Speaker Problem" Threads.
  20. Kamala

    Kamala Well-Known Member

    I had weird problem on both galaxys, curious if anyone had same. It happens rarely but still. When you answer call, sound goes from speaker (the one from back) and ppl that I speak with cant hear me (looks like muted mic). It pops up randomly like 1 in 50 calls. Anyone with same experience or solution?
  21. jsykas

    jsykas New Member

    yep blowing in speaker jack works.
  22. jsykas

    jsykas New Member

    Blowing into input jack worked a few times. Jiggling a headset plug into the input jack worked a few times. Holding the plug into the jack and tilting works while I continue to hold it.
    Hard to answer a phone that will not ring.
  23. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    Nope, it's a hardware issue.
    Complain to Sam*censored. [​IMG]
  24. jsykas

    jsykas New Member

    It is most definitely a hardware issue. I still need to know how to fix it.l So far, RMA to Samsung is best bet.
  25. Lelouch

    Lelouch Well-Known Member

    This unit was a Sam*censored first Android baby (maybe I forgot), but we all got a feeling that in the end it was a unwanted child.

    The only choice is to go for a new unit (if you have an opportunity), or live with it and let the Sam*censored people to try and fix it. If you're lucky enough they will fail and maybe offer you another device - my wishful thinking.

    And yeah, SGS 2 is the unit to own. [​IMG]
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