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  1. patpending

    patpending Well-Known Member

    Hi all.

    So, after the JB update, my battery has gone into awesome mode!

    Unfortunately, MMS has stopped functioning over 4G, but still works fine on 3G. So far, no one has answers or a fix.

    This has left me with a large desire for a 3G / 4G widget.

    I've trawled through hundreds, installed countless, and have had no luck.

    They either say 'not compatible with your version of software', turn out to be a 2/3g toggle instead of 3/4, or are simply a mobile network data switch which comes stock o_O

    So, what I'm asking...

    Does anyone know of a widget that, when 'off' selects the Network Mode to 'GSM / WCDMA Auto', and when 'on', select the network mode 'GSM / WCDMA / LTE Auto'?
    I will be forever greatful!

    HTC One XL, Telstra, AU.

    Thank you :)

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  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Have you tried Extended Controls?
  3. patpending

    patpending Well-Known Member

    G'day Pres,

    Was one of the first ones I tried as it looked rather promising!

    Didn't have the option I needed tho.

    Thanks for the lead :)
  4. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    I take it you did not have one before the update?

    The reason I'm asking is because I've been seeking one for my AT&T branded HOX since I got the device. Once I was out in the country and only had about a medium-low signal on "4G" (really HSPA+ which is actually 3G) and my battery went a full 2 days before I needed to charge. However, where I am, my phone switches between "4G" and LTE, and I struggle to make it through a full day (about 15 hours) on a single charge.

    So what my long rant is really trying to say, is there might just not be one available without root. I know there are ways to switch the APN, but in general they are unreliable and tend to reset back to what the carrier wants (which is to have you on the fastest thing they can put you on, regardless of battery life, plus it lessens the stress on their older and more saturated 3G network). Because of this, lots of carriers deliberately leave off an option to toggle the cell networks you want to use, and make it close to impossible to add a toggle in without root. So you might have a lot of trouble finding one. I certainly don't know of any.
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  5. patpending

    patpending Well-Known Member

    Hi Guitar,

    Nope, never had one before the update either. Its just that since the update my MMS's simply don't work on the LTE network.

    I've found widgets that can change the APN, but both my carriers 3G & 4G both run through the same APN - it's the network mode I need to change :/

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that can't find one!
  6. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Have you had a look at the Elixir Widget Pack? You'll need the main app: Elixir2 and then there's an option to download widgets from within the app itself.

    I'm not sure if there's a 4G toggle there, but it's got a tonne of stuff so there might be something.
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  7. coos lick

    coos lick Well-Known Member

    Widgetsoid has a 4g toggle - marked expiremental though! Don't have 4g so not sure of its behaviour - but it is a cool free app anyway. I use it to put a row of toggles in my notification pane.
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  8. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    It never worked on my HOX and I eventually went back to using settings extended. But, it may work on your phone, OP
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  9. patpending

    patpending Well-Known Member

    Thanks all!

    I've tried the Elixir Pack. The best I can get it to do is open my settings screen, to then select network mode, but ultimately still manually change it.

    Installed Widgetsoid, and the 4G toggle just displays a random settings screen which then displays phone state / identity etc, but no options to change anything :/

    I appreciate all these options guys, I'm just hoping something 'pops up' :)
  10. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    It might be the way Sense handles the toggles? I know when I'm on a Sense ROM, I have similar problems using a 2G/3G toggle. When I use Extended Controls etc, the toggle takes me to the data settings screen.
  11. patpending

    patpending Well-Known Member

    Hi Pres,

    The elixir pack does just that - takes me to the data settings page. I'm probably wanting too much...I just want a widget that changes the network mode for me in one little 'click', rathrr than a shortcut to the relevant settings page :p

    I'm guessing that if all of these things don't work I should probably just count my losses - if you guys haven't come across one I don't think I will either :(
  12. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    Does your data settings page have an option to change the settings? If it does, then at least you have that. Those of us on at&t weren't even given that option...
  13. patpending

    patpending Well-Known Member

    Hi Guitar,

    Yea I get the option to change through Settings -> Mobile Data -> Network Mode, I think I uploaded a screenshot of this in my OP?

    I guess I'm lucky - I didn't know anyone (carrier) would remove that option!
  14. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    Yeah, here in the US, carrier basically run rampant and do whatever they want. We are basically in a constant state of waiting for the FCC or FTC or someone to step in and take away some power from them. They basically try to dictate the hardware, but barring that, they completely muck up the software with their stupid carrier apps and bloatware, and they arbitrarily take away whatever functionality they don't see fit giving to their customers. (although I'm biased, of course)

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