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  1. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

  2. abbykitty

    abbykitty Member

    I have been torn between the two also, but I think I am going for the POP case! htcdepot.com will have a couple more colors in about a week. I saw the blue for 19.99 on Case-Mate Pop! Case for HTC Inspire 4G (Blue/Grey) at MobileCityOnline.com

    Case-Mate Pop Case for HTC Inspire 4G, Desire HD - HTC Hard Cases - HTC Accessories Depot

    I saw some reviews for the iphone pop case and they said they like it better than the candy shell. I asked about it in another post and two people said they like theirs. See post, does anyone have this case.
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  3. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    yeah i've been reading reviews on both cases and i've been liking the Pop case more and more.
    if anything i might wait until a black version of the case to come out and get that. the colors seem a bit light for me.
  4. abbykitty

    abbykitty Member

  5. Havokid

    Havokid Member

    I'm rocking the speck case right now. Love it. Very nice and tight fit around the edges and gives you a few millimeters of lip around the screen. The dark charcoal gray looks better in person. The case itself feels like a hard durable case but flexes like a hard silicon cover.


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  6. jonhcox

    jonhcox Well-Known Member

    Good to see that the Candyshell is working. Love mine!
  7. Wuufer001

    Wuufer001 Active Member

    This phone already kinda wide, dont wana add more to that,i got the case mate barely there for the desire hd and working great.
    Tried looking fir cases that fall under desire hd yet?
  8. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    as long as a case doesn't make the phone insanely bulky, i'm okay with it.

    & actually the case i have now is for a Desire HD. it's an Amzer Jelly Case (Silicone). fits perfectly.
  9. Wuufer001

    Wuufer001 Active Member

    Looks really neat and a great deal, considering it for 2nd case
    2 quick q as i cant see priperly on website
    -does the case also cover the extended frame around the lense where the phine rest without the case, as i assume thats the place where it can mess up the most
    -do the volume controls align properly with the case?
  10. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    yeah it's a pretty good case for the price.
    as for your questions:

    1) the case does not cover the extended frame your talking about. but it does make the camera flush with the case so when you lay it down it's not resting on the whole camera. plus there is a little lip around the camera lens so when you do lay it down you won't scratch the camera lens.

    2) the volume buttons/power button on the case do align perfectly with the phone. so you won't need to worry about that.
  11. Jeezy116

    Jeezy116 Member

    I decided to get the white case-mate pop! It is a great case and I love it. I hope this was of help to you.
  12. mwiles629

    mwiles629 Member

    Is the rubber on the Case-Mate Pop a pocket lint magnet?
  13. Jeezy116

    Jeezy116 Member

    I've only used it for a week now but so far I have had no problems with pocket lint
  14. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    Checked the Case Mate Site. the Pop! is now available in black/grey & purple/grey.
    i just ended up getting the white one. :)
  15. deedubbadoo

    deedubbadoo New Member

    I just got the Inspire yesterday, after being a long time iPhone user. I read through this thread about the possible cases and really liked the look of the Casemate Pop. Had to have white, so I had to order through their site directly. Luckily, I found a coupon online for 20% off:

    Promotion Code Used: CM01-DG20

    So that paid for the upgrade to priority shipping and knocked a dollar off. So total was $34.03 shipped. The coupon is worth $7 if you can wait for the free shipping. I have a terrible case of the drops, and I erred on the side of caution. Anyway, my first post was to say thanks for the heads up on the cases, and to hopefully help out some people who are looking to pick one up. Thanks again!

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  16. abbykitty

    abbykitty Member

    I think I should cancel with htcdepot.com, I wanted the purple and they had a date of available 3/11 and today is 3/11 and I checked the website and the date is now 3/24. With this 20% coupon I could pay just a few more dollars and get it asap instead off waiting another two weeks and then who knows if they will change the date again. I emailed them, but now that I see this I think I might just order from casemate. THANKS!

    Actually saved a couple bucks went with the free shipping!!! Thanks SO much for your post!
  17. LittleAnt

    LittleAnt Well-Known Member

    score with that code! A Case-mate POP is on it's way for me!
  18. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    dang i wish i saw ur post with the code BEFORE i got my case. lol. woulda saved me a few bucks....
    oh well... i just know that my new Pop! case is awesome. haha
  19. NativeTxn

    NativeTxn Well-Known Member

    Just as an FYI - for those that want to get the Speck case, if you want to save a few bucks, you can go to the following link and get 25% off all accessories.

    25% off all accessories
  20. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    quick update on the Casemate Pop!
    if your one of those people who constantly take your case off and put it back on, the Pop is pretty difficult to take off.
    i took it off earlier today to replace my Micro SD card and it took a good deal of force to take it off. i was afraid i was going to break something on my phone. haha.

    this may also apply to the Speck case since they both have similar designs.
  21. tadcu

    tadcu Member


    After seeing the Case-Mate POP case (in Pink) my wife bought, and liking the design, I decided to order the Black/Grey POP for me.

    I had been using the Speck case and as dylando808 mentioned, they are similar designs. It turns out that my Case-Mate POP might have arrived just in time....because the Speck appears to be developing a small split at the narrow section between the area with the headphone jack / micro-usb connector and the screen. Perhaps it's attributable to the tightness of the fit and the difficulty getting it on and off.

    The POP case is also snug, but it does not seem as tight or difficult to install/remove as the Speck was. So, hopefully it will hold up permanently. I also much prefer the slight grippiness on the back so that when holding it or setting it down in the car, it doesn't slide away so easily. Also, the POP is about as thick as the distance the camera lens protrudes, so it provides some protection in that area. And, the cutout around the speaker is much larger than the Speck and other cases I've seen. So, with that bigger opening, the way the grippy sides are a liittle thicker in the back and the little Logo nub on the back, maybe I'll be able to hear the speaker a bit better when my Inspire 4G is on its back rather than the sound being blocked and muffled :)

    Some people might not care for the so-slight thickness of the POP compared to the simple inexpensive abundant cases available. But I find the protection and grippiness to be essential, and think the POP is the best case for our two phones.

    Cheers....and, if you read this whole thing, thanks for toughing your way through it. I had intended this to be a really short post. :)
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  22. psumz3

    psumz3 New Member

    Great, useful post above! My wife and I both have the Pop! case (her in purple, me in black), and while it does add a bit of bulk, I agree completely that it is well worth it. I really appreciate the added grip, and coupled with a realook screen protector I'm confident in the all around protection my phone now has. It is definitely a bit difficult to get the phone in and out of the case, so may not be the best for someone who is heavily swapping batteries/sd cards.

    Also can't comment on the Speck, have tried it briefly in-store but I'm more than satisfied with the Case-Mate!
  23. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    great review. i've also noticed that the narrow plastic portion of the Speck case is frail and prone to breaking. i've had a friend break his so he just took that whole part off.
  24. jleach1985

    jleach1985 New Member

    Just ordered the white Casemate POP. Thanks for that discount code! Took care of the upgraded shipping cost.
  25. thatswhack01

    thatswhack01 New Member

    Ordered a black pop case 2 days ago and it already came in. They ship from Georgia, so if you live in the South it'll be quick. I thought it came with a screen protector but it didn't so I called them and they said they'd send me a complimentary one though there not supposed to include them.

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