Specs/features wise, would it make sense for someone to forget the Inc and just wait for this?

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  1. Ashido

    Ashido Active Member

    Since there is a huge backorder around the country fro the Incredible, would it make more sense to wait for this phone to release if it's coming out this summer?

  2. what is an incredible? is that the disney movie? i always wanted a sequel to it!!
  3. damstr

    damstr Well-Known Member

    Yes it would make sense if your comfortable with the size of the phone just make sure you act fast once the X is available for order or you will be in the same boat your in now!
  4. this is a fear of mine.................now that YOU mention it, it can be considered more seriously.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. elrabin

    elrabin Well-Known Member


    The backorder for the Droid Incredible is due to Samsung having issues producing the AMOLED screen fast enough.

    Droid X does not use an AMOLED screen, but a TFT screen like the EVO.

    So, it won't be backordered, at least not because of that.
  6. lol, you make no effin sense. so which one is it?LMFAO

    newsflash the htc evo runs a vanilla screen. yet it has shortages.
  7. damstr

    damstr Well-Known Member

    Well I hope your right even though there are a number of other parts that could be having shortages.

    Better to be safe then sorry and assume that stock will be plentiful...
  8. elrabin

    elrabin Well-Known Member

    Evo's aren't backordered, they're producing and delivering them on schedule. Demand is outstripping supply.

    I think the problem is that Sprint didn't realize how popular the phone was going to be and didn't order enough initially.

    For the Samsung AMOLED backorder on the Incredible, there is no supply.
  9. gorenut

    gorenut Well-Known Member

    I think it boils down to a size issue. I think your better bet is to wait til solid specs are released for the X. If the speculations are true and does come with a more efficient processor.. I'd say it'd be worth the wait, unless you prefer a smaller phone.

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