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  1. Rob615

    Rob615 Member

    I saw a good comparison between the S P and U but can't find it anywhere. At the time, I thought the P didn't look that good but thinking about it, I think I prefer it to the S.
    I like the smaller screen and that it seems more well thought out i.e. has both ports on the same side and more convenient button location.
    Are there any other disadvantages of the P?
    It's got lower battery, storage and processor? Storage isn't an issue as I don't have much music and use cloud storage a lot.
    Is anyone else waiting for the P?

  2. Sabaselfsit

    Sabaselfsit Member

    Hi! And yes; I am waiting for it. ;) Have been longing for an android phone with this build quality. And I am talking about the aluminum body!!!!! The light adaptive screen together with the shape also seems stunning.

    I'm 2 a little worried about the battery life. 1305 mAh doesn't seem very much. They write; "talk time up to 6 h (2G) / up to 5 h (3G). :cool:
  3. Sabaselfsit

    Sabaselfsit Member

    Back to the awesome aluminum body. In the video below Rikke at Sony, if I get her right say that the phone is made entirely out of aluminum, and 4 parts. So I guess and hope that mean the top cover that goes from above the blitz/camera light and over the top with 3,5 mm jack hole is also metal...together with the obvious big back body and the bottom part that has "Xperia" engraved. (the fourth parts should be the glass 'see through' strip then)

    BUT, what bout the buttons? Does anyone know what material they are? (watch in HD)

    Xperia? P - Experience bright - YouTube
  4. Sabaselfsit

    Sabaselfsit Member

    This phone should be out there now, and this thread it pretty dead still. Anyone got it? How is the battery life, and are the buttons aluminum? ;)
  5. murrayalex

    murrayalex Active Member

    Think the buttons are plastic, they don't feel like they are made of metal. Battery life seems to be okay so far but my useage could be a lot different than yours.....I switch most things off and only use data connection when it is needed, for example, never have GPS on apart from sat-nav in the car, screen is on 2/3rds maximum brightness (it has an auto-brightness setting which is unusual for Sony). Fully charged on 1st day at 2pm now sitting at 75% at 9.40pm with a fair bit of downloading apps and tinkering.
    I had the Xperia S but disliked it as I felt it was too bulky, too awkward in the hand but this is different...it feels really nice in the hand and so solid. You can keep your monster 4.5 inch plus screens and accompanying slabs....4 inch is the sweet spot enough for me.
  6. Sabaselfsit

    Sabaselfsit Member

    I went by the shop and had a look at it. I agree 4" is perfect for screen size, and it felt quick and display looked really nice.

    I'm a little interested in the materials and would like to get back to them. As far as I could feel/tell it was only the back body that was aluminum. The top/back part where the 3,5 mm jack inn is together with bottom clump with Xperia engraved in it also felt like plastic 2 me. Can you confirm this?
  7. murrayalex

    murrayalex Active Member

    Yep, reckon you are right. Seems like plastic to me as well. Wouldn't let it put you off the phone though, rest adds up to a great little package.

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