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Spectrum V8 update coming (and found)General

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  1. Neph81

    Neph81 Well-Known Member

  2. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

  3. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    Cool, may not apply to most of us. It's good to see the phone isn't completely forgot about yet, albeit minor fixes.
  4. Neph81

    Neph81 Well-Known Member

    I look at it from the point that they updated some .so files, which may give us better audio/video performance if TDM wanted to incorporate them into CM and AOKP.
    reeseboy, IMUcarmen and ortrigger like this.
  5. MicroMod777

    MicroMod777 Well-Known Member

    Anybody get update? Its schedules for today!
  6. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    I don't think anyone is on stock anymore :p

    We are all rocking cm10.1 with the latest android update 4.2.2
  7. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    How's the dna been micro? I see you've been making roms for it over on xda.

    Did they get cm10 fully functional yet?
  8. MicroMod777

    MicroMod777 Well-Known Member

    Its the best phone ever. Love the DNA. Nice big screen with quad core fast! :)
  9. 1linuxfreak

    1linuxfreak Well-Known Member

    Just got it, freaked me out, Software Update? :confused:
    Cool looking Andy update icon.
    Latest 10.1 preview 1 is having problems, was going to jump on-board but radio and data problems swayed me from it.
  10. MicroMod777

    MicroMod777 Well-Known Member

    Its here!!!!!

  11. Full Spectrum

    Full Spectrum Active Member

    The update is downloaded and installed. Long presses in swype still haven't been fixed. What gives?
  12. 1linuxfreak

    1linuxfreak Well-Known Member

    Root exploit still works, will loose root, rerun exploit, get root again. Phew!
    stef7 likes this.
  13. sosaudio1

    sosaudio1 Well-Known Member

    Were you on a CM or AOKP before you got the update? Are you saying that the update came and blew out root? If so, I would really like to force this to not run on my phone.
  14. ortrigger

    ortrigger Well-Known Member Contributor

    This will only run if you are on stock.
  15. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

  16. sosaudio1

    sosaudio1 Well-Known Member

  17. 1linuxfreak

    1linuxfreak Well-Known Member

    Yep, still sucks doesn't it!
    The LG Swype style keyboard is okay but prefer Swype best, except for the long press problem.
  18. azoller1

    azoller1 Well-Known Member Contributor

    time to update my stock ics rom now, im sure IMUCarmen will be excited for my update, lol.....:p
  19. bhl62

    bhl62 Active Member

    Does Voodoo root keeper work across the update or does it have to be a re-root?

    [Edit] Couple more questions:
    - Do frozen apps need to be unfrozen before the OTA? Some like Blockbuster are going away, so would it be a problem if it's frozen?

    - Anyone checked if FoxFi works after the update?
  20. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    Phew is right.

    Having problems with Nova Launcher taking time before the homescreen icons can be pressed. I'm gettng the message "App Not Loaded" unless I wait a bit after bootup.

    Boo hoo.
  21. bhl62

    bhl62 Active Member

    To answer my own questions:
    - Voodoo worked great across the update. (Defrost apps, hide root, take OTA).
    - FoxFi is now part of PDANet+. Still doesn't work with WiFi (Bluetooth does work).
  22. 1linuxfreak

    1linuxfreak Well-Known Member

    Wife got the update at work, she said it applied, but when I checked it says "Failed" in the Status query, everything shows the correct numbers, but she still has all the bloatware. I did a restart, no joy, battery pull -- restart, no joy, factory data reset I guess is the next logical step. :mad:
    Any ideas anyone?

    I know, I know, CM 10.1, got to test on mine first.
  23. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    Not particularly large, considering the full size of the v7 cab is over 700mb (or was that v6?)
  24. MrDangerous

    MrDangerous Well-Known Member

    I was prompted this morning around 3am. I chose not to install.
    A few hours later when my alarm went off it said the install was successful despite me telling it not to install. In rooted but still on stock os and boot loader.
  25. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    That happened to me when I first bought the phone, it came with v3 and tried to update to v4 that night while I was sleeping. I woke up in the middle of the night to find the screen on with a count down to install. I said no, and then it installed itself later that day while the battery was only at 15% and the phone was in my pocket. Bricked the phone and I had to go get a hardware replacement that afternoon, less than 20 hours after I bought it.

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