Speed Dial for Droid 2

  1. firebob1802

    firebob1802 New Member

    Does anyone know how to add speed dial for the Droid 2?

  2. There is no "speed dial" that I know of, I just make a short cut to the contact that I want to call on the home screen.

    On the Home Screen
    Press the Menu Button
    Select "Add"
    Select "Motorola Widget"
    Select "Contact quick tasks"
    Select the contact you want
    Select what actions you want for the shortcut.

    You can also alter the size of the widget if you want.


    You can also set a contact as a shortcut, but that won't allow for the "speed dial" affect.
  3. VooDooCC

    VooDooCC Member

    Bring up the Dialer>menu>speed dial setup
  4. firebob1802

    firebob1802 New Member

    Thank you very much
  5. VooDooCC

    VooDooCC Member

    No problem, I had a hard time finding it too.
  6. Yosef

    Yosef Well-Known Member

    This widget adds 2 Quick Tasks. When I got the Droid2 Global there was a widget on the screen to add one Quick Task and have it immediately dial the phone number. Do you know how to get the quick contact to add 1 quick task?
  7. MGJulius

    MGJulius New Member

    You can resize the widget to one task instead of two. Think you have to long press the widget to resize it.

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