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  1. GS9000

    GS9000 Active Member

    Hi guys, i just got my Galaxy S yesterday, but already lagging today, about 10secs, running JG1.
    Reading enormous posts here i came to know GS can be given speed boost using many ways, but since im noobie, i do not know how to go about it and afraid may not work.

    I found this very helpful site (not sure if already done by others) but just wanted to share as installation is a breeze, just dont forget that on the very first time it requires reboot, press the up+power+menu button together to select the zip update and follow as instructed on this web link:

    Many thanks for this guy :) who posted this helpful link as i was able to speed up from 858 to 2134 in quadrant speed test.


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  2. Sparkle1975

    Sparkle1975 Active Member

    I updated so I'm currently running the JPK firmware.

    After installing that, I rooted (install kernel, flash update.zip, install kernel), and then I used OneClickLagFix, reboot, OneClickLagFix again and now it's running VERY FAST. Just watching the gallery is breathtaking :)
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  3. Daysofspeed

    Daysofspeed Member

    Hi, anybody care to give me the key sequence to "enter the recover console" to finish rooting my SGS (my instruction booklet is missing) so i can then finish off the OCL app and hopefully speed up my phone.
  4. Sparkle1975

    Sparkle1975 Active Member

    Vol up + home + power
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  5. chessian

    chessian New Member

    Thanks for your useful information dudes.

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