Speedo App that doesn't use data/works in flight mode???

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  1. lcrjames

    lcrjames Member

    Hi there,

    I am after a speedometer app that does not need to be connected to the internet to work/doesn't use data. The reason for this is because I want to have a speedo for my boat when on holiday, but don't want one that uses the internet as this will cost me a lot with the data charges whilst roaming!

    So basically I am after a speedo app that will simply work with my mobile (Samsung Galaxy Ace) in flight mode with the GPS turned on. This way I can be 100% sure I wont get charged for data usage!

    Is this possible? Can anyone recommend any free speedo apps that do this? "SpeedView: GPS Speedometer" seems like a good free app, but will it do what I need?


  2. lcrjames

    lcrjames Member

  3. KaloyanBeshev

    KaloyanBeshev Member

    Yes, the one that you've mentioned does the trick. One that i've developed is "GPS Speedometer & Flashlight" and you don't need mobile data for the app to work :) . You may find it on Google Play, hope you like it. I test it daily so more and more bugs are fixed ;) .
  4. lcrjames

    lcrjames Member

    Hi there, thanks for that, will check yours out. Seeing as I got no reply here I installed the "SpeedView: GPS Speedometer" myself and can confirm it works in flight mode with the GPS turned on! =)

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