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  1. willdogs

    willdogs Well-Known Member

  2. WormDoes

    WormDoes Well-Known Member

  3. HTCTundaBow

    HTCTundaBow Well-Known Member

    Cool :D My best speed with update:

    Connection Type: Lte
    Server: Atlanta, GA
    Download: 9.30 Mbps
    Upload: 1.71 Mbps

    Ping: 82 ms

    The image link isn't showing the right numbers, and it says iPhone. . . idk what's up there.

    edit: LOL Verizon's 3G speeds ewwwww

    Connection Type: Ehrpd
    Server: Atlanta, GA
    Download: 0.90 Mbps
    Upload: 0.21 Mbps

    Ping: 170 ms
  4. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    I am not getting anywhere near accurate reporting using the mobile app.
    Pings are higher and throughput is lower.

    Using it in a browser on the phone itself reports lower pings and higher throughput.
    It's also within 5% on a tethered desktop.. I don't think this app is working correctly for me at all.
  5. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    There is an update on the market that actually resolved my issues with it.
    pings and throughput are actually reporting similar results now on both the phone and browser versions.
  6. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    Sadly, one of the areas around me, that's about what I get too. I'm guessing it's network congestion here or something. There's another town in the other direction, less populated, and I see about double the speeds (usually about 2M down, 1 up)

    Waiting on some of the new markets to activate which are a couple hours away, so I can drive over and experience it firsthand. (and then come home pouting...)
  7. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    App works great finally! Very close to tethered results.
  8. stanlalee

    stanlalee Well-Known Member

    3g at my house I'm seeing 2.4Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speeds.
    With the wifi's(lol), using verizon dsl, I'm getting 12.6Mbps download and 2Mbps uploads. No 4G in my area yet damn it. From what I've seen so far (corrected values) 4G should be competitive with wifi.
  9. slimjoe

    slimjoe Well-Known Member

    Yep, I tested all 3 radio networks yesterday night when I updated it. From central NJ to Newark, NJ server:

    3G: 0.48 / 0.90 / 167ms
    4G: 15.90 / 1.86 / 114ms
    WiFi (comcast w/ 30Mbps package): 15.59 / 4.43 / 73ms
    (Mbps down/ Mbps up/ Ping)
  10. HTCTundaBow

    HTCTundaBow Well-Known Member

    My comcast wifi speeds are like 6down and 3up lol.
  11. gregnice37

    gregnice37 Well-Known Member

    I'm still getting huge download #'s after the update, like over 25 mgs. Not sure how accurate it may be.
  12. R. Joven

    R. Joven Member

    I got the following results on LTE:

    Ping - 77ms
    Download - 14.27 Mbps
    Upload - 3.14 Mbps
  13. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    Nothing wrong with those numbers.
  14. makerofdrums

    makerofdrums Member

    Is that on 3G? I am getting that speed in downtown Los Angeles - not cool
  15. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    Here in orlando Florida I got 14.4 and 1.4. Ping was high at 243. This is when it works and LTE don't lock up my phone.
  16. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

  17. HTCTundaBow

    HTCTundaBow Well-Known Member

    I wonder why the speeds of different 4G areas are so much different?
  18. milan03

    milan03 VIP Member VIP Member

    Depends on the backhaul priority most likely. Here in NYC Verizon's sites include 4-6 sectors. Each sector is capable of 73mbps. That's up to 440mbps per site. If you are alone on one sector, you're using that 73mbps sector, in real life that's up to 60mbps.
    It also depends on the server you're using for tests, as well as the time of the day.
    I suggest USB tethering for best results.
  19. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    Yeah, those speeds are what I'm getting on 3G between the 2 markets here that I'm between. If I go to my one location, it's averaging just about 1 MB down, and about .5 up. The other location is about double that. Then again, Location 1 is a slightly larger town with more population, so it's a traffic thing, I believe.

    Still haven't been to a 4G area yet to experience the goodness, but...soon!
  20. Tide311

    Tide311 Well-Known Member

    31mb download
    4mb upload
    Nashville, Tn
  21. robrecht

    robrecht Well-Known Member

    I keep this app in my Novelty folder, along with Talking Tom and the Star Trek Communicator. It's not unusual to have results vary nearly 10-fold from moment to moment, and certainly that's the case from server to server. Still, it can be fun to make the iPhone, Atrix & EVO 4G geeks jealous.
  22. AustinTech

    AustinTech Well-Known Member

    I still get some silly results from the Speedtest App. The downloads match the speakeasy dot net browser test, but the uploads are wonky at 19 Mbps. Usually around 4.3 up.

    My download speeds average 26 Mbps. Peak times are around 13 Mbps, but that is only around 4:30-6:30.
  23. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    It definitely reads a higher download number than your actual download speed. I'm still not seeing 4G type download speeds when I attempt any downloading. Fastest I see is around 2-3 Mbps on a "good" 4G connection.

    Oh and I was prompted for an update yesterday, and then it asked me to do another update today. Anyone else get 2 updates in 2 days?
  24. project.in.process

    project.in.process Well-Known Member

    in Charlotte, NC--
    averaging about 25Mbps down, 4Mbps up

    highest was 34Mbps down--just by FortMill SC (speakeasy.speedtest.net)

    oh the goodness :)

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