Spellcheck & Dictionary issues with MicroMax A90Support

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  1. zeebra

    zeebra Member

    Hi Friends,

    A 90 seems not having default dictonary. I tried deleting /system/app/LatinIME.apk and placing LatinImeGoogle.apk and LatinImeDictionaryPack.apk in the same folder. After restart Spellcheck & Dictionary works fine. But the problem is Naviation(main) menu button overlaps the keyboard, hence last row of the keyboard is partially blocked by Navigation menu buttons. Any solution for this ?

  2. zeebra

    zeebra Member

    As I dont find any solution for naviation menu overlpaing the keyboard. I installed Swype (Swype | How Do I Get Swype?) on my A90. Swype keyboard is awesome !

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