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Spica: Android 2.2 Offical! Edit: No FroyoGeneral

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  1. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member


    Im new to the site but have been reading many topics on it for awhile.
    Just thought I would let everyone know (if you dont know) but the Spica is going to Offically get Android 2.2 Froyo this September (no date). This was confirmed by my Carrier, 3 Ireland (and UK as it was a UK number).

    They confirmed that the Spica will get an offical update to 2.2 along with Samsungs new high end phone, the Galaxy S.

    I made sure they werent confused about the Spica and Galaxy S.

    SO after months of waiting (Since may for me). The Spica is going to see Froyo!. make sure you have the Samsung PC Suite installed as it wont be over the air (Spica cant do that).

    Will this be the last update for Spica? More than likely but we said this about 2.1 aswell ;)

    If anyone can gather more info then post below. Im not 110% sure if we are getting it all at the same time and date, USA, UK Aussies.

    I would give Samsung an email ;)


  2. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    and pigs might fly..is it april all ready

    only joking if it is true its good news all round
  3. AfzalivE

    AfzalivE Active Member

    ...Why Samsung? Why do you have a tiff with i7500 users :mad:

    I am at the brink of purchasing an i5700 or an i7500...this Samsung factor is killing me.
  4. 7500

    7500 Well-Known Member

    i think component used in i7500 like camera and flash driver manufactures are not providing driver to samsung hence to upgrade .
  5. AfzalivE

    AfzalivE Active Member

    true, that could be one factor but IF drakaz can (has started) port the drivers so can Samsung.

    And what's the guarantee that Samsung will keep updating i5700 to later versions afterwards. This just makes me sad that an OS with such a huge potential is being undermined by manufacturers just because they want to sell their phones on new software features instead of new hardware features.

    Which phone would you recommend to buy between the two though?
  6. rahulvittal

    rahulvittal Well-Known Member

    If this is true , then its party time :)
  7. arikyeo

    arikyeo New Member

    Buy the I7500 (Spica). At least it has Android Eclair. Still tastes better than Android Cupcake. Rumors are that a more delicious android is arriving to the phone (froyo).

    In short: Buy the Spica.
    AfzalivE likes this.
  8. arikyeo

    arikyeo New Member

    I am not surprised Samsung announced this. They have been known for delaying their promises, or breaking them. ;(
  9. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    The i5700 is the Spica, you got abit confused there!
    JimJam707 likes this.
  10. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    ive look online but cant find any thing about the offical release of 2.2 for the spica/portal/lite
  11. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    I know thats why I posted this. 3 Ireland told me that Spica is getting the update to 2.2 along with Samsung Galaxy S this September. As I said, i cant be sure if the US etc will be getting it the same time but UK and Ireland are.

    They told me to contact samsung about the date release but confirmed that we are 120% getting the update.

    There is simply no other online update for this yet from samsung but they have told the carriers =]
  12. confabber

    confabber Active Member

    Too good to be true... I don't believe it....
    Post back if u get any reply from Samsung - I doubt you'll get any positive reply !!!!!
  13. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    Dont be so negative over it. Were you like this when Samsung didnt say anything about 2.1 coming to Spica? How about you call your carrier and stop being all "no no no" over this topic
  14. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    you say to contact carrier about it that would be t mobile uk they will not update to 2.1 so they will not be doing 2.2
  15. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    You dont have 2.1 already?
  16. AfzalivE

    AfzalivE Active Member

    US will update later as their carriers are REALLY slow at catching up, but since none of the Canadian carriers offer Spica, they won't have problems lol
  17. *Centurion

    *Centurion Member

    I think 2.2 will come to the spica eventually by a European or Asian carrier. Then the rest of us will get it unofficially. Just be patient.
  18. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    Im sure once it comes out here, the files will be all over the net for an unofficial full release.
  19. Poopyfist

    Poopyfist Member

    You've got it backwards, the Spica is not available in the US, and it is available in Canada.

    I hear a lot of people making comments about the Spica in the US and I'm usually baffled because it was never released here. I got a good deal on an unlocked one which is how I'm using it over here. Of course, I bought it before I realized the Spica isn't compatible with American 3g bands :eek:
  20. AfzalivE

    AfzalivE Active Member

    well i don't know about the US much but Bell, Telus, Rogers and WindMobile don't have it
  21. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    Yes the odin way

    samsung havnt released any information about the spica/portal getting 2.2 and havnt found any thing on line only lesharks version
  22. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    As I said, Samsung wont. And the Portal only got 2.1 unoffically so it may get 2.2 unoffically who knows. The Spica DID get 2.1 offically, infact my Spica came pre loaded with 2.1 as apposed to the original 1.6.

    Now seriously get that rain cloud over your head out of here!

    Im sorry T mobile UK wont update the Spica to 2.1 or 2.2 but seriously deal with it or change carrier to 02 or 3 who also sell the Spica and have it on 2.1.

    Or just wait! Since you did it unoffically you wont be able to update via the pc suite (i dont know for sure) but when 2.2 comes out on the Spica, then those like you who did there own boot will get a an SDK from someone who hacks it. Infact there's and Alpha version of 2.2 for Spica going around for the past few months and hopefully the guy building it can get it all working!
  23. jamesmor1

    jamesmor1 Member

    2.1 was confirmed by T-mobile UK on twitter, to be released in September.
  24. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    2.1 for t mobile users

    2.2 for others
  25. monnigblower

    monnigblower Member

    Just thought I would let everyone know (if you dont know) but the Spica is going to Offically get Android 2.2 Froyo this September (no date). This was confirmed by my Carrier, 3 Ireland (and UK as it was a UK number).

    I with 3 Ireland too. If Android 2.2 Froyo turns up in September can 3 Ireland help in putting Froyo onto my I5700 phone or how will I go about it instead.


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