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  1. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    The only way to update the Spica is to use the PC Suite that came with your phone. install it and just wait =]. the suite is pretty useless for anything else but update.

    Once your on the PC Suite, you will see a button saying

    Firmware update.. when the update is out we can use that. Or talk to someone in a 3 store but the only other way is to send it off and i dont think you would want that XD

  2. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    new pc studio will not work with 2.1 only 1.5 so you will have to use kies to update the phone
  3. Tiggybot

    Tiggybot Well-Known Member

    Nope, no 2.1 in the UK on t-mobile.... 3 got it out of the box, but everyone else is still stuck on cupcake. So you can see why we are skeptical about your post. It's all a wait and see.
  4. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    PC studio is Kies..
  5. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    From the mouth of Samsung support themselves

    Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics.

    Customer Reference: 2104070166
    In response to your email regarding the I5700, please be advised that
    currently the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for your Galaxy Spica handset
    is in development. We do not have a release date for this update as yet.
    This issue has been passed to our development team and has been raised
    with HeadOffice as well. There is a solution in development and will be
    forthcoming shortly.
    Please keep checking the website for updates on these issues.
    Please be advised your details have now been logged and we will bein
    contacted when the updates becomes available
    Kind regards,

    So, Galaxy S is getting Froyo in September,

    T mobile UK are releasing 2.1 for Spica this september

    And 3 Ireland UK are releasing 2.2 for Spica around the same time as Galaxy S.

    Put it all together

    September we are roughly getting this update

    Now all non believers, what do you say ? Confirmed all round

    (at least here in UK and Ireland)
  6. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    Looks like i will have to update both my phones tio 2.2 now my galgaxy s and portal
  7. waxwrong

    waxwrong Member

    Samsung admits that the Spica cannot be used with Kies (mine doesn't get recognised) so I don't know how we will get the update
  8. waxwrong

    waxwrong Member

    This is direct from Samsung site

    229707. Galaxy Spica i5700 and New PC Studio
    New PC Studio is not meant for Galaxy Spica. This model runs on Android OS and it is not compatible with the New PC Studio. At the moment, for file transfer, you will need to use the Mass Storage option. Please ensure that there is a memory card in the phone. When you connect the phone to PC
  9. waxwrong

    waxwrong Member

    Strangely, my bada phone (Samsung Wave) IS compatible. Android isn't but Bada is!
  10. harrybarracuda

    harrybarracuda Active Member

    As the saying goes: I will believe it when I see it.
  11. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    Im loving how many people, non members included are viewing this topic.

    Its all looking good for Spica users but this could and probably will be the last update the Spica shall get. but who knows. its got a pretty good CPU for a lower end Android.
  12. harrybarracuda

    harrybarracuda Active Member

    I'm loving how your reputation will look if it doesn't happen.

  13. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    My rep? I have rep?

    Please tell me where it is and why id care about that.

    You can believe me or not but in the end it looks like you will be wrong.

    Samsung as confirmed that 2.2 is in development for both Galaxy S and Spica.

    numb nut
  14. Megs

    Megs Well-Known Member

    I'm in Canada, with Rogers, and I got the Spica. They probably don't have it up on their site anymore.

    I'm still waiting on 2.1 from Rogers (I bit the bullet ages ago and Odin'd for it anyways).

    I'm not going to hold my breath for 2.2.....
  15. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    Well look back, Its confirmed from Samsung. But yes its up to your Carrier aswell.

    petrol here is on T Mobile UK and they havnt updated it to 2.1 either yet 3 UK has.
  16. redpyramid

    redpyramid Member

    hey RavenSavior, did you contact Samsung with this issue just by going to Samsung.ie, then Support section and Contact us, or something along those lines?

    if you're right, I'll buy you a Galaxy S!!! :D The really big deal? - Google Voice Actions (2.2 only) -> speak into your phone: "Text.. Paul.. I'll meet you there at 2pm", and it sends that text just from your voice command!
  17. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    Dont think there is a samsung.ie

    i went to samsung.com and filled out the customer support page and asked them.
  18. jipo

    jipo Member

    If UK/Ireland got froyo..we'll got froyo too sooner or later :D
  19. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    well no Samsung with Android has over 2.1 yet so the Spica and S are due 2.2 this september here in Ireland and UK then the odin way will work by october
  20. confabber

    confabber Active Member

    September is starting tomorrow. Hope u r right RavenSavior
  21. redpyramid

    redpyramid Member

    right, to be precise, if you go to samsung.com from Ireland, you're automatically directed to samsung.com/ie
  22. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    Have you contacted support aswell?

    Let us know what they say
  23. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    Cant wait to see what they say
  24. mug2k

    mug2k Active Member

    Yes they have (T-Mobile UK), I've had it for a few days now.
  25. RavenSavior

    RavenSavior Member

    and you like it?

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