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  1. ShawnMichael

    ShawnMichael Well-Known Member

    How do i change my OverStocked splash image?

    The first one you see when you turn your phone on.

    Blinged out android just isnt my style.

  2. marsblaster

    marsblaster Well-Known Member

    Remicks and all the other devs work their butts off doing these things and making ROMS for the community. They don't get paid to do this so please show respect.


    You can't

    Unless you change ROMS but i been having issues where flashing different ROMS it keeps that splash image
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  3. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Well-Known Member Developer

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  4. ShawnMichael

    ShawnMichael Well-Known Member

    Dude dont harrass me.

    I gotta look at that screen everyday.


    I changed it, myself.
  5. imnotmikal

    imnotmikal Well-Known Member Developer

    No one was harassing you.

    Also, do you restart your phone everyday or something? And I'm sure something that lasts one or two seconds every 24 hours isn't that bad. Hell, turn you phone on and look away.

  6. ShawnMichael

    ShawnMichael Well-Known Member

    I figured it out.

    Sorry for even asking.
  7. ShawnMichael

    ShawnMichael Well-Known Member

  8. Vol4One

    Vol4One Well-Known Member

    Come on guys..just a simple question. No need to take offense to anything. Everyone has different styles. Let's all enjoy our Ally's until we can get something else.

    BTW, you Devs rock. Keep up the awesome work!
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  9. remicks

    remicks Well-Known Member Developer

    I think they mostly took offense at the "blinged out" comment since that pic is my Androidify pic and it represents myself so it was kind of a dig on me.
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  10. Biotic

    Biotic Well-Known Member Developer

    Well gee, my icon is in my splash images to
  11. b0bness

    b0bness Active Member

    I understand why you would want to change the image, but you dont have to go into detail about what you don't like. Stock themes and images are made to be unbiased so a general audience can use them. Customization is always the individuals responsibly as devs are only trying to create/port/give the tools for more customization and performance.
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  12. cr5315

    cr5315 Well-Known Member Developer

    I believe J2 was referring the the splash image in the boot.img that cannot be changed. Not the splash.img which you were referring to.
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  13. db2u

    db2u Well-Known Member

    I made a comment about being blinged out in the past too. No offense intended. Probably not the best wording in retrospect though. Personally I want as close to stock as I can get on the splash images etc but I know the point of a custom rom is that it is CUSTOM. I appreciate all work you do remicks. I definitely wasnt trying to dig and I am sure ShawnMichael wasnt either. "Blinged out" isnt necessarily derogatory, at least I didnt intend it to be when I posted it a while back about the same splash. Bling can definitely be done right :) I just dont know how to do it right so I dont lol.
  14. ShawnMichael

    ShawnMichael Well-Known Member

    Yea dig wasnt intended.
  15. krisdezzy

    krisdezzy Well-Known Member

    We're all family now in this LG Ally community.. simple question=simple answer ;] be nice kids..lol
  16. jaison80

    jaison80 Well-Known Member

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