Splash screens "NEED HELP PLEASE"

  1. deanr1977

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    Can anyone help me with a noob friendly tutorial on how to add a splash screen to my Desire HD please, i am pretty in the know around computers, consoles & phone rooting & hacking but have not had no luck adding a splash screen :( I have searched google, youtube & many many forums in the past few days but cant figure out where im going wrong, i have used 2 or 3 methods but none of them worked! :mad: Feel free to give me any links that you used or better still comment on this thread.

    Thankyou in advance :cool:

  2. Sombre

    Sombre Well-Known Member

    Hi deanr1977,

    When you say 'add a splash screen' do you mean change the boot animation that's on your phone?
    The reason I'm replying to this post is in the off-chance that you had the same problem as me. After rooting my VodafoneAU phone I found it impossible to change the boot animation using any tutroials I found on the net. That is because the Vodafone AU ROM renamed it's bootanimation file.

    So, if your phone has a VodafoneAU ROM can you reply to let me know and I'll post how to change the Vodafone AU boot animation without having to install a custom ROM.

  3. deanr1977

    deanr1977 Member

    Hi i mean the first screen you see "white screen with HTC in green letters" i know how to change the boot logo the 2nd screen with animation on it, its the 1st one i cant change! :mad:
  4. Sombre

    Sombre Well-Known Member

    I haven't changed the splash screen on my DHD but I have seen the process documented several times.

    The following link seems to be a fairly straight-forward way to change it. Hope it helps.

    [UTILITY] Android Flasher(Recovery,splash1,Radio,HBOOT,bootanim)[V1.6.1](15/01/11) - xda-developers

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  5. deanr1977

    deanr1977 Member

    I saw that one already but it didnt work???? I dunno why, i was in fastboot usb mode, & have the right drivers installed but still no luck? It said - Picture copied, nbing complete, image renamed, ADB reboot command sent, pushing & flashing splash1, i has completed your splash flashing, rebooting! ( then my phone rebooted but no change on the splash screen???? :mad:
  6. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Do you have ENG S-OFF? If you're using fastboot, radio S-OFF isn't enough.
  7. deanr1977

    deanr1977 Member

    Im sure i have ENG S-OFF but is there a way i can check that i have? I used the one click root & easy radio tool v2_2 to unluck my phone
  8. Sombre

    Sombre Well-Known Member

    From what I read on the subject of gaining ENG-S OFF there's a lot more to it than what a one-click app could do.

    Here is a link to the procedure I followed to gain ENG-S OFF:

    How To Gain S-OFF (Radio And Engineering) On HTC Desire HD

    Hope this helps.

  9. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    I don't know how to check, but if that's the only tool you used then no you won't have ENG S-OFF

    So if the method you're following relies on fastboot commands, which gathering by some of the OP's posts it does, you'd have to use his other tool.

    [TOOL] One click ENG S-OFF :)
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  10. deanr1977

    deanr1977 Member

    Thanks mate, i now have Eng H-boot completed without any problems! :cool:
    But it does make you nevus during the process! Thinking am i gonna have the latest designer htc desire hd "BRICK" ;) Luckly enough i dont have to worry about that now :D
    I will try flashing a splash later on & it should be all OK now???? well i hope so anyway :)
    Thanks again
  11. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Yeah, it worried me a bit too when I read it. But then I realised my old phone must have had both types of S Off already and I never bricked that :p

    The golden rule is just to not flash anything until you've read up about it first and know what to do/not do.
  12. deanr1977

    deanr1977 Member

    Oh & dont worry mate, i always do my homework first when it comes hacking, flashing & fixing phones & consoles! I have learnt to read up on plenty of forums, search up on google, youtube & anywhere else before trying anything!
    I know better than that :cool:

    If anyone else is having the same trouble as i was this is how i got it working-

    Make sure your phone is Rooted with Radio s-off, engineered hboot off, i use a program on the PC called Android Flasher to flash the splashscreen
    Get it here -
    1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=794638
    then i made a splashscreen picture on paint or photoshop, resized it to 480x800, the saved it as a bmp with 24bit, now connect your phone to the usb & then to the computer, make sure usb debugging is activated, open up Android Flasher, find your pic you saved on your PC, flash, then your phone will reboot & now you can enjoy your new SPLASHSCREEN! :D

    Thankyou all for your help :)

    Here is a few of my splashscreens i made myself, download them in the zip file below, & use with the android flasher :)

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