SplashID on the Nexus One and Market Questions

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  1. shizane101

    shizane101 Active Member

    Has anyone downloaded SplashID for your N1? Does it work okay?

    Can I assume all programs I find in the Market should be good to work with Android 2.1? When I go to Market, does it realize I have a Nexus One and therefore only show me apps that are compatible with my phone?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I'm new to the Nexus One and the Android OS.

  2. lutherinlondon

    lutherinlondon Well-Known Member

    Nope... the way I understand it is that if you have Android 1.6.... the newer stuff for Android 2.0+ won't show up in Marketplace. However all software will (or should) show up when using your N1. Some of the software hasn't been updated for Android 2.1 so you need to keep an eye on the comments. I'm still waiting for Snap Photo Pro to be updated before I can download it.
  3. shizane101

    shizane101 Active Member

    Thanks for the clarification!
  4. shizane101

    shizane101 Active Member

    Surely someone out there has tried SplashID on their Nexus One. From what I've read, it seems to be the most popular Password program. I currently have eWallet, which I love, on my old Windows Mobile phone. Too bad eWallet doesn't make an Android version. :(
  5. Driftmon

    Driftmon New Member

    I have splashID on my nexus one. It works fine for me. I had it on my iPhone and I was able to transfer it from there to my nexus one via the pc sync app.
  6. sclui56

    sclui56 Member

    I also love eWallet on my WinMo & Palm, too bad they don't have a version for the Android. I ended up buying the SID for my N1 and it would not import the eWallet file, Splash blamed Illium changing the file format but no other wallet apps seem to have trouble importing eWallet file.

    I also dislike SID only allows for wireless sync and the interface is a step down from eWallet IMHO. Unfortunately I have to put up with this because it is the only one that has a desktop companion.

    For those who use eWallet & need to migrate to SID, you may want to get the HandySafe desktop trial (symbian) and use that to import the eWallet data, then use HandySafe to export to a "clean" CSV for SID.
  7. ikon

    ikon Well-Known Member

    I use splashid on my N1, works great. I used it before on my G1 and transferred everything over seamlessly. I don't use the desktop client but you can easily backup splashid to the sd card and using a filemanager, like Astro, email yourself the backup, which I do after I make any changes. Or just plug the phone into your computer and drag & drop the splashid backup onto your computer to keep a backup there.
  8. shizane101

    shizane101 Active Member

    Has anyone gone through this round about way of transferring eWallet data to SplashID? I'm curious if the process sclui56 describes above works flawlessly. It should would be nice to not have to manually re-enter all my data from eWallet!
  9. Adad

    Adad New Member

    How do you get SplashID onto a Nexus One? It doesn't show up in Marketplace.
  10. lyndale

    lyndale New Member

    I decided to use SplashID on Nexus One, and on desktop. In the 4 months I've had SplashID, it's broken about 3 times. Force Stop - uninstall, reinstall, etc. I'm very disappointed - not cheat and their customer service is hopeless.
  11. CodeMonkey

    CodeMonkey Well-Known Member

    Had SplashID on my N1 for quite a while, syncing to the desktop client on a macbook. No crashes, no problems..
  12. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    I used SplashID on my Nexus One for awhile after using it for years on my Palms, but ended up switching to SBSH Safe Wallet. I like it much better.

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