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  1. TeacherJoe

    TeacherJoe New Member

    Good day, newbie here. I did a search and browsed the threads and could not find what I need, so here goes . . .

    I have a Galaxy Tab 7 and would like to run two apps (stop watch and music player) visible at the same time on a split screen. I happen to want this for a fitness class, for what it's worth. Is this possible?


  2. mv3900

    mv3900 New Member

    I've been researching this as well and haven't found anything.

    I've been using my tab in the car as a media player and running gps. I was thinking that it would be good to overlay a small window in the gps that shows the track that is playing.

    I haven't been able to find anyway to do this.

    There are 7" chinese double din stereo's (running windows ce) that can, so I figure an android tablet should be able to as well.

    I'm still looking, and if I find anything I'll post back here

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