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  1. alfid

    alfid New Member

    Hi, im new to these forums. Anyways I was using my phone, browsing the web when one moment to the next Isee what looks like a hair. Upon closer inspection it is a crack. I ran my nail across it but it can not be felt. So I turned it off to see if I could see the crack, it can't be seen. Only when it is on or the battery animation is on the screen. It shows the typical characteristics of a crack, thins at the ends and thick in the middle. What are my options? Do you believe it to be a crack? Is it worth buying another galaxy s3?

  2. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    It could well be a crack.
    Theres multiple threads about it on other sites.... scratches and cracks and seems to mostly affect the US s3. I think there was a rushed batch of glass.
    Ive had mine without a screen protector since i got mine june/july and its flawles. Im rough with my phones.
    If you return it, youll never be able to prove its a defect :(
    Be careful as it will maybe spread
  3. Chuhbaca

    Chuhbaca New Member

    Same here. Phone was not dropped. One day I got to work, picked it up from the little center tray in my truck and noticed a crack horizontally across the width of the screen about 1/3 of the way up.

    Now this morning, I take the phone off of my nightstand, and there is another similar crack at the top 1/3 of the phone!
  4. TadeoNYC

    TadeoNYC Well-Known Member

    It is certainly something you should contact Samsung support about. Post to the Facebook page and you get a fast response. If there is no sign of an impact they may cover it. It's worth a shot.
  5. rynlpin

    rynlpin Well-Known Member

    Samsung are terrific when dealing with manufacturer's faults. I reported a hardware fault two days ago and I'm posting this from my new phone.

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