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  1. texican08

    texican08 New Member

    Hey guys,

    Havent been able to locate an app that focuses on sports betting lines that would have some of betting calculator where I could place my bets in the app and just check the app to see how I've done on the day vs. logging into the website. Is there anything like that out there?

  2. texican08

    texican08 New Member

  3. thirtyfour41

    thirtyfour41 Well-Known Member

    scoremobile will tell you lines and what not for the games. betUS is the only betting service i've found in the market. from what i know betUS is pretty reliable, but i've never personally used it. i've been looking for something for betting as well. you know, for that last minute parlay or over/under bet :)

    the app is called "game on"
  4. motherwelltim

    motherwelltim Member

    now this would be a great app
  5. thirtyfour41

    thirtyfour41 Well-Known Member

    i wish somebody would put one together that you could access different betting sites from one place and place bets. not everyone uses 1 site and not everyone uses betUS. i'm almost forced to use them since them and i think bodog are the only 2 you can access in an app.
  6. thirtyfour41

    thirtyfour41 Well-Known Member

    actually let me retract my first post. the game on app doesn't actually let you place bets. if you want to place a bet through betUS, it opens your browser and brings you to their site. bodog doesn't even have current lines. so, in short, this app sucks and there isn't another one that i know of. this is actually the first time i've tried to use the app for what i wanted it for.
  7. texican08

    texican08 New Member

    I was pretty suprised to find that there wasn't a smooth app for sports betting, seems like it would be simple to develop.
  8. thirtyfour41

    thirtyfour41 Well-Known Member

    the app would be smooth, yeah, but being able to integrate it with one of the sports betting sites (depositing money, withdraw, bets) would be difficult. especially if the author wasn't affiliated with the site, I don't know how I'd feel about a 3rd party program handling deposits and bets for me. If the bets don't go through, or the money doesn't get deposited, who do you complain to? I'm sure eventually one of the sites will put something out. Any idea if there's something like this for the iPhone?
  9. bagz

    bagz Member

    Try whilst its not an app, its set up like one through your browser....... best there is so far
  10. thirtyfour41

    thirtyfour41 Well-Known Member

    well i don't have an iphone, but i figured if there is a decent app for iphone, eventually somebody will make one for android.
  11. bagz

    bagz Member

    U don't need an iPhone, it works on my desire........ and its mint!

    Every betting market imaginable.

    Type into your browser. Trust me.
  12. New Member


    I have been using Kyoogi Sportsbet (formerly Kyoogi Sport) which is a very cool tool for sportsbetting on the mobile phone. Currently it supports EU and ASIAN operators, but I read that they are working on a version with US gaming operators too.

    I like Kyoogi because it is very fast, gives a nice market odds overview and when you find a odds you want to play, it links you directly to the match page at the gaming operator offering the game at that odds.

    Supported gaming opreators I think are William Hill, Unibet, Interwetten, Bwin, Bluesq, Nordicbet, Centrebet and Jetbull.

    I also read that betfair, Ladbrokes, 888sport, Betsafe and Skybet is soon to be implented into the Kyoogi betting platform too..

    Anyway, Give Kyoogi a try, I think it is one of the better apps for gaming available today.
  13. Sim-X

    Sim-X Well-Known Member

    Was also looking for this as well. I saw Kyoogi in the market but didn't download it. It would be nice if SBR odds came out with an app. I would certainly pay for it. I will try the bet fair site in the meantime since Kyoogi doesn't list any books around here. Thanks for the post though henrik

    -just loaded the iphone bet fair site - you have to register - lame

    You guys can also try

    Not the best and no offshore lines but at least you can get an idea.
  14. gregdickson

    gregdickson New Member

    I also use Kyoogi Sportsbet but the newly released UK version I would have to agree with it one of the best in the market have a look at Kyoogi Sports Bet App for more information.
  15. daddy9azz

    daddy9azz New Member

    it sounds like you are just keeping track of bets. I use betbud for that. U have to enter your bet into the website then the app separately, but it keeps track of wins, losses, sends alertnotifications on bets. Only two things are no sportsbook integration, and I wish it had matchup stats of some form.
  16. appipps

    appipps New Member

    Regarding sport betting, I now a eBook on Android market called "Betting the House".:cool:
  17. cobracobra

    cobracobra New Member

    Hi guys,

    I inform about new app Score Alarm

    this is the best and totally unique application for monitoring sports results in the world. All you need is to choose the events you want to track, and on the screen of your Android will occur any change in the results by notification.

    It is primary for European market.

    Send me feedback. For me is great. :)
  18. marychanga

    marychanga New Member

    All the big European bookmakers such as Betfair, Ladbrokes, Bet365 and Paddy Power now offer sports betting apps for Android devices. Not all of them are native apps however, some of them are web apps.
  19. marychanga

    marychanga New Member

    If you are based in the United States then your choice of Android sports betting apps are a little more limited. JustBet have a pretty good Android betting app, as do Bookmaker. The Betonline app is basic but it gets the jobs done.

    All of these are web apps rather than apk files.
  20. galaxybaby

    galaxybaby Member

    Are there any apps for android for this?
  21. galaxybaby

    galaxybaby Member

  22. galaxybaby

    galaxybaby Member

  23. BillBobaggins

    BillBobaggins New Member

  24. gavind

    gavind Member

    Has anyone tried this yet? I'm not able to set this up.

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