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Sports Tracker Android Beta Test

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  1. SportsTracker

    SportsTracker New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I'm Nick from Sports Tracker and we're just about to launch a beta test of the Android version of our GPS sports tracking mobile Application.

    Ideally we're looking for Runners and Cyclists to get involved and find all those pesky bugs which we can iron out before the app goes into store. But if you do any activity you're more than welcome to get involved - even its just walking to and from the kitchen!

    The beta test is due to open Thursday / Friday this week and we just wanted to gauge interest from the forum to see if people would like to get involved.

    For more information on the app itself, check out our blog here


    And here is the instructional video for the iOs launch that we have just conducted which shows some of the main features of the application


    If you would like to get involved, please just leave a comment below and we'll get the build over to you as soon as possible.


  2. rwagnes

    rwagnes Active Member

    I'd be interested in checking it out. Also my brother is a avid runner and is interested in checking it out as well. Thanks!
  3. perelik

    perelik New Member

    I would love to try as I am training for a mammoth bike ride and I have changed pones from Nokia to HTC Sensation.
  4. tabath

    tabath Member

    Yeah, I would be up for that - just got myself a galaxy s2 and getting back into running again - hopefully back to competing in the Great North again next year! Ordered the belkin armband but still waiting for it though:(

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