Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor or Polar

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  1. mmm286

    mmm286 Well-Known Member


    I would like to buy a heartrate bluetooth. I don't know what device buy it. I know 2 possibilitys:

    -Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor
    -Polar Bluetooth.

    I would like to know what could you suggest me of these options?

    Many thanks and sorry for my english!

  2. Droidwars

    Droidwars Member

    Hi, the Sports Tracker HRM is in fact made by Polar. Not sure if normal polar devices work as they operate differently - I believe they are somehow coded on bluetooth.

    There is a different one again that works with Endomondo, made by Garmin. If you are using Sports Tracker, you can buy the Sports Tracker specific Polar device from the SPorts Tracker website

    Hope that helps!! :D
  3. swj170

    swj170 New Member

    I use a bluetooth headset and want to purchase a bluetooth heart rate monitor. Can I use both at the same time?
  4. nokia33

    nokia33 New Member

    Hey hey!

    If you would like to check your heart rate at sports, maybe you would like to check out this app (you do not need any external hardware and it works quick and reliable):

    Sports Heart Rate Monitor

    I use it at workout and it works very well; If your heart rate is above 90bpm it will measure it in 2 to 3 seconds; the downside is that while measuring you need to keep still (you can move just slightly).

    good luck
  5. captainbob

    captainbob Well-Known Member

    I researched this before I bought my HRM for Sportstracker. The Bluetooth version has alot of negative reviews about it losing connectivity and providing erratic readings. I got the unit made by Zephyr, and it works great. All I have to do is wet the two contacts, as instructed, and it is very accurate, and I use it everyday. It also measures your cadence if you are walking or jogging. HxM? BT Heart Rate Monitor for Android (HR, Speed, & Distance) - Zephyr Store

    The max chest size is around 42". so if you have a larger size than that, call them and get an extension strap.
  6. rjenniskens

    rjenniskens New Member

    Hi, does the "Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2" also work with runkeeper?

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