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SportsTap: If you are a sports fan, you need this app!

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  1. RandyKlein

    RandyKlein Guest This Topic's Starter

    This app is the next best thing to sitting on the floor of a playoff basketball game! This app has everything a sports fan could want. The customizable notification feature keeps you apprised of key events for your favorite teams. Best of all, the home screen widget allows you to quickly scan through your favorite teams to see real time scores. Sometimes I find myself checking this app while already watching the game, thats how good it is!

    Key Features:
    • Quick access to sports in real time
    • Play by play information on live games
    • Access to almost all major sports
    • Game history
    • Upcoming game previews with AccuScore
    • Sports news and statistics
    • Customizable in game notifications for your favorite teams
    • Home Screen widget for favorite teams
    • Sorting by locale

    One stop app for sports, sports selection, fast, updating in real time, favorite list is easy to use, play by play reporting, great widget.

    Constant updates may drain battery



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