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  1. warrior12

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    Jan 4, 2013
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    Whats going on everybody? In the next few months I am expected to become a new owner of a Sprint S4. I would just like to know what to expect as far as development for roms, etc etc. I myself can do small rom building but not major stuff so far. So tell me a little about how everything goes over here in the S4 forums.

  2. tobanrob

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    Jul 28, 2012
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    haven't seen anything as far as development for the s4 on this forum. ive been going to xda for rom, kernels, etc.

    i wish it was here. i like this forum compared to xda. i have yet to get 10 posts on xda so that i can post comments on the development forums(one the rules they have).

    it looks like Sac23 over at xda might be the only one developing for s4 right now who makes great roms: 4.2.2 and now 4.3.

    maybe u could get in touch with him and help him out with his developing?

    [DIRECTORY][☆ ★ UPDATED 11/8/13 ☆ ★]S4 Roms/Kernels/Recoveries/Mods/Themes/Games/Apps - xda-developers

    [ROM]==Sacs_Custom_Rom== V8=10-26-13 - xda-developers

    (( ROM )) Sacs Custom 4.3 Rom 11-11-13 V3 - xda-developers

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