[Sprint] Bricked Sprint Note 3 when on 4.3 while rooted

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  1. Kuchek

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    Hello I bricked my Note 3 while rooted running 4.3. I used Odin to flash the stock firmware provided by sammobile and it unrooted me and upgraded me to 4.4.2. That is wonderful except no (and I mean none) root exploits now work. Odin says success but I don't have root. Kingo has said both success and fail but either way no root. I noticed my baseband version is different than instructional videos. Any help would be great. I'm not smart just good at following instruction lol thanks. I included screen shot.

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  2. dustwun77

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    JIMZROMZ Well-Known Member

    If you used to firmware from sammie mobile it will root. First I would NOT flash the using Odin 3.09 I would use v1.85( google it to find a download ). After you flash the firmware, let phone settle down for about 15min. ( get a coffee ) now go to settings/back up and reset and do a factory reset on the new firmware you just installed. This seems to clean the last of junk in closet.LOL Now go to xda download Philz CWM custom recovery here is the link [m8][CWM Advanced Edition] PhilZ Touch - xda-developers find your device which should be hltespr and download the tar file place on pc desktop flash with Odin. Now to root use super su v1.94 here is the direct link download the update SuperSU Download now place that zip on your sd card. Open recovery flash supersu and you should be rooted.

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