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[Sprint] canot root

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  1. reesemtk53

    reesemtk53 New Member

    sprint s4
    software l720vpuamf9
    hardware l720.08
    name sph-l720

    model sph-l720
    android version 4.2.2
    base band l720vpuamf9
    kernel 3.4.0-953334
    build jdq39.l720vpuamf9
    I have tried three different methods and none seem to work, please help

  2. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    might help to highlight what methods you tried.

    Check the first post of [HOW TO]Update Galaxy S4 to Full Stock [MF9] w/ Root & Custom Recovery - xda-developers - read the section titled "HOW TO ROOT STOCK MF9" in the first post.

    Before you proceed, read the thread carefully - verify your baseband/build etc

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