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  1. currancchs

    currancchs New Member

    Hi guys,

    Sprint Branded HTC One - Rooted S-Off - Running Bad Boyz Sprint One Rom 4.3 Deodexed v1.0 10/5/13

    No matter what I do, I cannot change the boot animations. First attempt was using Boot Animations Root, no success... Then I tried using ES File Explorer and Ghost File Commander to manually add the files. I tried renaming the bootanimation.zip file in /system/media, no success. Then I tried going into /system/customize/CID. Here there are two .xml files - default and Sprint00... I took a look inside and they reference /system/customize/resource/m7_spcs_startup_animation.zip and m7_spcs_shutdown_animation.zip for boot up/shut down animations respectively. I then renamed my new boot/down animations to those names and placed them in that folder, backing up the old by changing their name. The boot down animation worked, boot up did not. I then looked in the folder and the files had reverted to their originals. A second shutdown showed the early success of changing shutdown animation was not persistent.

    I also tried changing the pointers in the .xml files to new locations (my downloads folder) with no success.

    It seems that my /system/customize/resource and /system/customize/CID folders are restored on each boot. No changes I make stick after a reboot. I have heard there is a file recovery.img that recreates these folders on each boot, and I am only making changes to the unpacked files, but I have no idea how to make a change that does persist. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, if anyone knows of a way to customize what the notification pull down says at the bottom (currently says Sprint) that would be helpful as well.


  2. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    I think what your seeing is the kernel is not completely patched yet.
    not sure really did you ask in their forum ?
  3. currancchs

    currancchs New Member

    Hi clsA,

    I have not yet asked in their forum. Although I have been rooting devices for a while, I have never really dug into the system before to try and figure things out for myself, I have mostly relied on tutorials and such. As I was somewhat out of my comfort zone on this one, I just assumed it was not related to the ROM, but that I was missing something.

    If you could please elaborate on what you mean when you say that you think "the kernel is not completely patched yet" I would greatly appreciate it. I am just unfamiliar with the terminology or how this could cause my ROM to exhibit the current symptoms.

    I did find a very comprehensive tutorial on creating your own ROM and may try this, based on the current ROM to change animations that way, but more as a learning experience to become more comfortable with the system. Link to instructions here:


  4. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    Basically the kernel has to be patched so your changes to the system files stick
    You also have to enable read and write permissions in the file manager you used

    In ES file manager swipe right on the bottom left to open the menu, choose tools and root Explorer an then set system to read/write then make your changes
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  5. currancchs

    currancchs New Member

    Thank you! I have previously made sure to remount the file system rw, and to change permissions to mirror those of the original files after replacing them. Still no luck, so I am assuming it is the Kernel. Weird though, since the phone is S-Off and /system write protection is disabled (otherwise I think the phone would reboot upon a write attempt to /system). Any recommendations for a compatible kernel that may include the persistent functionality... I have always just used CM in the past, but I really like blinkfeed and the Sense folders (I like keeping apps organized) and would like to keep the relatively stock OS, but still be able to customize.
  6. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    Try asking in the Bad Boyz thread.. it may be something simple. Benny is really helpful
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