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    I'm from italy and currently interested in buying the said cell, while trying to find a good price for the gsm version of the evo3d i stumbled across some actions pretending to sell a gsm/sprint version. The version is labled as "sprint clean esn. Finding it a bit weird id really love to know if the cell is actually going to work for me in italy of if it's just a scam.

    According to the seller of the action (which i can't link having <8 posts) the specifics are :

    Detailed item info
    Product Information
    Want a phone that sees the world like you do? Switch to the Android Gingerbread HTC Evo 3D. This HTC smartphone features a glasses-free 3D display and lets you add another dimension to your photos and videos by capturing them in 3D. The dazzling 4.3 inch HD display of the Evo 3D ensures you enjoy fluid videos and vivid images. This HTC smartphone offers both Swype and HTC's virtual keyboard for text entry, allowing you to type with ease. You can use the Micro-USB port and an MHL adapter to connect HTC Evo 3D to your HDTV and enjoy the fun on the big screen. What​

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