[Sprint/Cricket] 4.2.X sd card problem?

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  1. scwied17

    scwied17 Active Member

    ive tried a few 4.2.X roms in CM/AOSP.. for instance im running jellybam 4.2.2

    the problem is, my photos do not have the option to save to my sd card, and also nothing else does really. And yes, ive gone into the settings for the camera and looked. It does not show up.

    I can view the sd card on my computer but it's almost as if my s3 (or jellybam 4.2.2 rom) will not recognize that the sd card is actually in my phone.

    I heard from a friend that the reason this is , is because 4.2.X roms are not made for the s3, but for phones with internal memory's. Therefore, I would not get the option because the phones, such as the nexus, without an sd card don't require it.

    Any feed back is appreciated!

    PS: Am I the only one having this issue with 4.2.X roms?

  2. scwied17

    scwied17 Active Member

    Any explanations? I submitted two pictures just to verify everything.

    Does this have something to do with 0 files? Help please.

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