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[Sprint/Cricket] Tried to root - tmax.dll error???

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  1. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    Followed QBKING77's instructions. Barely got started and when I went to run ODIN as administrator, I get the error saying I don't have tmax.dll

    What the heck is that? Googled it, tried downloading it and can't. Anyone know?

  2. gtpdjw

    gtpdjw Well-Known Member

    Did you download the right drivers and install them?
  3. steveu694

    steveu694 Well-Known Member

    Which drivers? I the Samsung ones? Pretty sure I did....
  4. blindeagle

    blindeagle New Member

    I'm facing the same problem can anyone help
  5. MusicJunkie

    MusicJunkie Well-Known Member

    This is the first time I've heard of this issue. Start over again. Delete all the files you downloaded and fresh download them. It could've been a bad download.
  6. youdoofus

    youdoofus Disabled

    also uninstall the drivers and reinstall them and try a different micro usb cable. Those are the likely suspects

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