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[Sprint] Detailed Instructions - How to Root Galaxy S4 + Files

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  1. Blackout720

    Blackout720 Well-Known Member

    Ok so In my Last Post I Did a little how to root but didn't really say how to do the root and left some things out.

    Works Wit All Qualcomm-based Galaxy S4 running Android 4.2.2 Including:
    AT&T SGH-i337, T-Mobile, Sprint SPH-L720, T-Mobile SGH-M919, GT-i9505, US Cellular, Canadian SGH-i337M, Rogers, Bell, Telus, and other Qualcomm S4s.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Drivers: http://bit.ly/15kS5Cu

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Root Files: http://bit.ly/129kK7W


    Extract the entire contents of the 2 zip files.

    If you are using Windows, ensure you have installed the latest Samsung USB drivers available for your phone.

    Ensure USB Debugging mode is enabled on your device.
    To do this go into settings and to the "More" tab then down to "About Device"
    go to where it says "Built Number" and tap on that a few times until it says "Developer options Enabled".

    Now go back and go into Developers Options and Enable "USB Debugging"

    Connect your device to your PC via USB.
    Make sure you have Download and Installed the Drivers for your Phone First.

    If you are using Windows, navigate to the extracted directory and execute "run.bat". If you are using Linux or OS X, navigate to the extracted directory in a terminal and execute "./run.sh".

    Now watch you phone as 2 Pop ups will happen agree and press yes to both.

    And There you go, you should now be rooted!

    You can also Follow along here on this video : How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 - Any U.S Carrier! - YouTube
    I put my own phone on the line and try this for the first time my self. - CONFIRMED WORKING!

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  2. Blackout720

    Blackout720 Well-Known Member

    Not sure on how to unroot i guess you can always to a factory reset or if there's an app to do so which i think there is.
  3. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    all credit for the exploit and root go to dan rosenberg (@djrbliss)
  4. redstepchild

    redstepchild Active Member

    I have MDL build and this doesnt work.
  5. jhill110

    jhill110 Active Member

  6. GottWhat

    GottWhat Well-Known Member

  7. Blackout720

    Blackout720 Well-Known Member

  8. ChicTek

    ChicTek Member

    I used qbkings tutorial and I am also in MDL - when I rebooted I did not have root access but I did have SU requiring an update. I tried and the binaries failed. DO I need to reflash cf auto root in Odin? I'm stuck...

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