[Sprint] Elementalx or Bulletproof?

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  1. sparkeymat

    sparkeymat Member

    I've rooted my one and am interested in flashing a custom kernel. I have looked at elemental and bulletproof but neither one has said if they work for sure on sprint. I'm running stock senses 6 4.4.2 Any input is appreciated. I've asked this over at Xda but did not receive a response yet. I would prefer elementals due to the overclocking features but would like info on both in case I don't like one of them.

  2. Bodhi Brock

    Bodhi Brock VIP Member VIP Member

  3. jmphillips76

    jmphillips76 Member

  4. sparkeymat

    sparkeymat Member

    I read through all the posts on the thread. Can I use this on stock ROM with s-on? There was no solid answer to that. I am intrigued by the battery life claims.
  5. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    if you have custom recovery and can flash roms you should be able to flash a kernel
  6. sparkeymat

    sparkeymat Member

    So I tried slippery sloth. I don't think my phone liked it. Everything was good but I couldn't download paid apps. I had to go back to my backup.

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