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[Sprint] Finally Root, Now Need Advice

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  1. hehateme2812

    hehateme2812 Active Member

    So i followed qbking and im so happy that i did. It was so simple that i really dont know why i hadnt done it sooner. So the advice i need now is how to change my boot animation and sounds through-out. Just trying to make it my own and i do not want to install a custom rom. Thank in advance for your time and advice.


  2. hehateme2812

    hehateme2812 Active Member

    I would also like to put full screen backgrounds
  3. hehateme2812

    hehateme2812 Active Member

    Does anyone know how to use Boot Animations for the GN2?
  4. TADitto

    TADitto Well-Known Member

    I have yet to change a boot animation on the GN2 but on my OG Evo every one that I ever changed was flashed thru recovery. Usually they come as a .zip file and you flash them like you would a ROM. Which back-up did you go with? TWRP is my favorite. I'm sure if you head over to XDA they have a section in GN2 about changing boot annimations. Let me do a bit of investigating and see what I can come up with. Also whatever you do make sure you make a nandroid back-up of your current ROM so incase anything goes wrong you can revert back.
  5. TADitto

    TADitto Well-Known Member

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  6. hehateme2812

    hehateme2812 Active Member

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  7. tattooboy

    tattooboy Well-Known Member

    boot sound is in system/media/audio/SPR/PowerOn.ogg
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  8. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

    Welcome tattooboy glad to have you here.;)

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