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  1. NaterTots

    NaterTots Well-Known Member

    I was quite sure how to use Google Now in the best way and thought I'd share what I found on it.

    I briefly used it on an ICS Rom and was confused with it.

    I did find that it was using a lot of juice to run through out the night and I think I've got it set better in that regard.
    i opened Google Now > Settings > Privavcy & Accounts > Manage Location History > Location Settings > Report from this Device.

    I unchecked that and it seems to have made a big difference in the phone trying to update my location all of the time. Yet it still updates me in the latitudes part of Maps which I use with my family.

    I am trying to get it fully sorted and see how well it works. Kind of excited about it. Also a good write-up here on it.

    How To: Setup, Configure, and use Google Now


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  2. slyd

    slyd Well-Known Member

    Can you still use latitude by turning off "report from this device"?
    (Google Now > Settings > Privavcy & Accounts > Manage Location History > Location Settings > Report from this Device). I thought this would disable Latitude reporting too.

    I tried to use Latitude for the first time last month. I could not even get it set up... I could not get friends added to my latitude. I'd invite them or they'd invite me, they would attempt to accept and I still ended up with a blank list of friends on my Latitude. I'm not particularly dense when it comes to figuring stuff out, but I finally gave up.
  3. NaterTots

    NaterTots Well-Known Member

    Slyd, I'm surprised you couldn't get it set up.
    I've been using it since Nov. So far it doesn't seem to be affecting how it works.

    I'm going to have someone let me know where it shows me tomorrow.
    It has seemed to make a difference on battery life though. It shows a lot less "awake" lines in the battery setting.

  4. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip. This will be part of my regular setup with any rom. Like Google Now a lot, not a fan of the location polling.

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