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[Sprint] HELP! Bricked my S4!!(SPH-L720)(Sprint)

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  1. commando933

    commando933 New Member

    Okay, so this is the problem,
    I rooted my phone about 2 weeks ago and havent really had any problems with it until I tried to wifi tether it, so I went on QBKing's website for getting a custom hotspot (QbKing77 | Your Tech Simplified) and since Im new to rooting and things like that, I didnt remember to download a custom recovery mod, now since I've copied the services.jar and services.odex as he requested, and when I went to reset my phone, it was stuck on the yellow sprint screen! I've tried factory resetting my phone through recovery mode, removed the battery, and have reset it tons of times, please help!

    PS. Im very new to galaxy s4s and rooting, so I dont really know what 'flashing a kernel' or so means, please explain thoroughly, Thanks!

  2. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    Moved to the Sprint root forum so others with your same device can chime in.
  3. jejb

    jejb Well-Known Member

  4. commando933

    commando933 New Member

    OK, so I downloaded many stock roms for my phone, but when connected to odin, every single one of them said FAIL when the download begun, I've even looked at about 5 tutorials on youtube, I've tried connecting it to various usb ports on my laptop, computer, and two of my friend's computers, and YES, I have downloaded the driver software so odin reads it perfectly, I've tried using it on odin 3.0.7 and 1.8.5, Maybe I'm just downloading the wrong software, I have jellybean 4.3, If that changes anything, any ideas?
  5. RollTide15X

    RollTide15X Member

    Thanks! That worked just fine for me. The stuck on yellow screen happened to me back in November and ever since then I've been missing out on having a hotspot. This fixed that problem.
  6. jejb

    jejb Well-Known Member

    The likely reason Odin is failing is because it detects that the ROM is not stock, because you did the hotspot mod, etc. Do the factory reset through the recovery immediately before trying to Odin over the 4.3 ROM. Don't try any rom older than 4.3, it will fail.

    You still can't past the yellow screen, I take it?

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