[Sprint] Help, unrooted phone now wont go passed boot screen

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  1. So i unrooted my samsung galaxy s4 which was rooted. I followed the instructions and I did it successfully. However, now it's stuck on the sprint screen when I load. I rather not factory reset my phone and lose all my data. Is there someway to fix this without deleting everything?

  2. Rukbat

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    Probably not even with factory resetting everything, but you could try rebooting into recovery and wiping the cache (and Dalvik cache, if you have a custom recovery). If you "unrooted" by flashing an unrooted ROM, you still have the old ROM's data in there, and that can cause problems.
  3. Hey so I cleared the cache and it seemed to have no effect. Yea i flashed it with an unrooted rom. Whats the best thing to do from here?
  4. Mikestony

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    Hello and welcome androidguy2982!!

    I moved your thread to the Sprint root forum, as others here may be able to help out.:)
    Perhaps something in the unrooting process went wonky.

    Is this the unrooting guide you followed?
    Basically it looks like you flash a firmware .tar file via ODIN:

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  5. Mikestony

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    Yeah, that just looks like a video on how to factory reset.
    It won't unroot you.
    You said you flashed an unrooted rom...what was that about :confused:

    Are you trying to unroot?
  6. OH im sorry I posted the wrong video.

    ❤ How To Unroot Any Samsung Galaxy S4 Easiest Way (w/JayDozy) - YouTube

    thats the one I used.

    The one that you posted said it might've been in a boot loop so i'd have to do a factory reset....which i did unfortunately =/ however my phone works, so it's not bricked thank god!

    Still would there have been a way to avoid the factory reset
  7. Mikestony

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    I think by flashing that .tar file via ODIN, it will have wiped your device nonetheless :)

    So doing a factory reset after your unroot process, was neither here nor there.

    So, all is cool now?
  8. yea sad to see my stuff go but it's working even better than before
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