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  1. lucmac

    lucmac Member

    Can someone give step by step directions on how to root the SGN2 and then enable this function for free?


  2. Caloy

    Caloy Well-Known Member

    Unless you are confident enough to root your phone, there's no way you can do that for free. Not sure if there's still some tethering apps at the play store where you can connect a device via usb cord to your phone and get internet that way.

    Anyway, I don't think I really answered your question, so I'll just shut up now. :D
  3. Wangta

    Wangta Well-Known Member

    Huh. I was under the impression that Verizon allowed this for free?

    Do not all providers allow hotspotting?
  4. Whiskeypawz

    Whiskeypawz Well-Known Member

    There is an app that will allow you to tether without going through your carrier or rooting. I'm assuming (hoping) it will work on the G Note 2. If you're with Sprint you may have to download it directly from the developer's website. Not sure about other carriers. Here's a link to the app in the Play store & Amazon.


    Amazon.com: FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root): Appstore for Android

    FoxFi - Turn Android into free WiFi Hotspot (no root)
  5. lucmac

    lucmac Member

    Thank you for your help but it didn't work after it was installed. It basically says wifi has failed and try Bluetooth instead. Same thing on my evo so I think the phone has to be rooted. I'm sure it's a Sprint requirement on Samsung.

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