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[Sprint] How to unlock sim on Sprint htc one

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  1. DoctorA

    DoctorA New Member

    Hi guys-my sprint htc one is rooted, unlocked bootloader and S-off. I tried the Sprint htc one sim unlock helper from xda. Also tried another method with terminal emulator. Apparently these failed since I am on android 4.3. Would I have to return to stock and relock bootloader to unlock sim or is there another method? If I call Sprint to request sim unlock if they push to my phone would it work or not since unlocked bootloader?

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    They don't push anything to the phone. They will provide you with a code that you enter after putting in a non-sprint sim. From what I've read,unlocking the sim doesn't gaurantee you will get anything better than edge data on a gsm network.
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  3. DoctorA

    DoctorA New Member

    Scotty-thanks for the information.
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