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Sprint HTC Evo for Verizon Thunderbolt/Charge/Rev

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  1. bkinsman

    bkinsman Member

    I switched carriers and I am looking to trade my Sprint HTC EVO 4G for something Verizon. I would take just about anything Verizon...X, Incredible, Thunderbolt, etc.

    The EVO is in great condition. I will include the HDMI charger/converter with a 3' HDMI cable and car charger.

    Please contact me for photos.

  2. fortesquieu

    fortesquieu Well-Known Member

    You would need to add some cash on top of that.
  3. bkinsman

    bkinsman Member

    I'm willing to hear all offers. Do you have a Verizon phone?
  4. i have a droid x which is in very good cosmetic condition and works perfect if interested in trading for the evo... let me know.

  5. bkinsman

    bkinsman Member

    I would be interested in a trade for a Droid X.

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