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Sprint Htc Hero for sale $150

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  1. jamiec

    jamiec Member

    I'm waiting on my Evo and it should be here any day now and then this will be ready to go. It's in great condition. It does have 1 VERY small crack by the usb port. It does not affect the phone in anyway at all. This is the ONLY thing wrong with it. I dropped it on my wood porch and this happened. There is no other marks. It is rooted and running Fresh 2.1.2. I love this rom! It's very fast as most of you should know already. I also have Smart Keyboard Pro installed on it. The phone will come with a car charger, home charger, body glove case, 1 4 gig memory card and 1 2 gig. I can't find the USB cable and box! Clean ESN!! I'm asking $150. Thanks

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  2. ekz13

    ekz13 Well-Known Member

    pm sent
  3. jamiec

    jamiec Member

    pm replied, thanks
  4. jamiec

    jamiec Member

    Sold. Thank you ekz13!!
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