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  1. Mpbari7744

    Mpbari7744 Active Member

    Hi I have htc one sprint in twr the os file deleted n whole os is deleted the phone can't run or boot
    What I do ???

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    That depends. Do you want to keep playing with it yourself and cause more damage, or do you want to bring it fo a good repair shop and pay to have them fix it the right way?
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    How did you delete it? If "twr" is referring to TWRP, i.e. you have a custom recovery, now's a good time to learn about installing ROMs.

    Tell us what you did and we'll be better able to advise (but as my office Internet connection just came back I might have to do some work now ;) )
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  4. Bodhi Brock

    Bodhi Brock VIP Member VIP Member

    You could try the new 4.4.2 Kit Kat RUU, but you must be s-on and relocked. Here's the RUU link: [RUU] Sprint HTC One | 4.06.651.4 | Encrypted | Decrypted | Stock Rooted ROM (coming) - xda-developers

    I had the same issue but I had taken the OTA 4.4.2 update, wiped my system, and had no updated RUU to use (wasn't available yet).

    Here's my thread that got me working again (thanks to the AF contributors) the hard way: http://androidforums.com/sprint-one...rt-advise-hansoon-error-devise-not-found.html

    I still go back to this^ thread for guidance. Good luck. Try the RUU first, should be simple.
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  5. Mpbari7744

    Mpbari7744 Active Member

    @Bodhi brock Can tell me step by step procedure please?
  6. Mpbari7744

    Mpbari7744 Active Member

    @Hadron please tell me step by step procedure
    yes the os is wipe out from team ein recovery wizard
    how to install os
    please tell me
  7. Mpbari7744

    Mpbari7744 Active Member

    can u tell me step by step procedure
    the os is wipe out from team win recovery wizard
    how i install os on my device can tell me please
  8. Mpbari7744

    Mpbari7744 Active Member

    @Bodhi brock Can tell me step by step procedure please?
  9. Bodhi Brock

    Bodhi Brock VIP Member VIP Member

    The step-by-step is in the first link. [short version] You must first download the RUU onto your computer, extract it, plug phone into port, and run as .exe file. Are you s-on or s-off? HTCDevLock?
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  10. Bodhi Brock

    Bodhi Brock VIP Member VIP Member

    How to use: (C&P via O.M.J)

    -Download Sprint_HTC_One_m7wls_4.06.651.4_RUU.zip
    -extract zip to a folder on your pc
    -boot into bootloader (various ways)
    -using fastboot, type this cmd: fastboot oem lock this will relock the bootloader (S-ON ONLY)
    -from pc, run ARUWizard.exe from the extracted folder. it will run the RUU utility & flash back to stock
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  11. Mpbari7744

    Mpbari7744 Active Member

    i m downloading this file
    after compete this download i follow this step then contact u
  12. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    The procedure for flashing a ROM is:

    * back up. May be irrelevant now if you wiped data as well as ROM (which I don't know because you didn't answer the question). The only backup available to you now is making one from recovery. If data were wiped, don't bother. Normally you'd use a recovery backup (aka a nandroid backup) to restore a ROM, but that won't work now. But if your data were not deleted the paid version of Titanium Backup can retrieve them from a nandroid, so it may be worth doing.

    * Copy a ROM zip file to the phone, or to a usb flash drive. The flash drive works if you have a usb OTG cable to connect it with. Otherwise you need to use "adb sideload" while the phone is in recovery to push the ROM to the phone. I assume that you have adb installed on a computer if you managed to unlock and flash TWRP.

    * Once you have a ROM on the phone, do a reset from recovery (data and cache only, which is the default wipe with TWRP). Then select install from the TWRP menu, select the ROM .zip file, and go ahead and flash.

    If a lot of that sounds unfamiliar, read some of the guide threads first - start with the All Things Root Guide sticky post. You should really familiarize yourself with this stuff before you start fiddling with the software, precisely to avoid situations like this :)
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  13. Bodhi Brock

    Bodhi Brock VIP Member VIP Member

    Can you get into bootloader (hold power & volume down)?
  14. Mpbari7744

    Mpbari7744 Active Member

    Yes I do this next please ?
  15. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Read carefully through the thread he linked. It should tell you just about everything you need to know.
  16. Mpbari7744

    Mpbari7744 Active Member

    As u told me the command not working error occurred

    Fast boot is not recognized what I do ???
  17. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    How did you unlock the boot loader in the first place without fastboot? Or did you get someone else to do it/buy an unlocked phone?

    You need to install the fastboot command on your computer. If you look in the All Things Root Guide sticky post in this forum you'll find a link to Scotty's HTC One rooting guide, which will also tell you how to install fastboot and adb.
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