[Sprint] I need help with locating my backup files (and more)

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  1. limoman

    limoman New Member

    I apologize for the lengthy post, but I've been going down uncharted territory the past few days and I'm afraid I'm headed for trouble. So before I reach the point of no return, I'm asking for help. My info first:

    Sprint S4, rooted with Clockwork recovery installed. I have not been able to install any custom ROMs as of yet (so I assume this means I'm still on the stock ROM.) Currently running 4.3 on the phone.

    I've been using ROM Manager and Titanium Backup Pro. ROM Manager has been the root of problems. Even though I have the app configured to use external SD storage for backups, it keeps backing up to my device - which now has no storage space left (20kb). I've tried deleting the ROM Manager backups (except for my original backup in case it was needed), but it doesn't free up any space after rebooting. I have not been able to locate where ROM Manager stores the backups in order to try a manual delete. I see a couple of directories under the "storage" folder on the phone that are labeled "sdcard0" and "extSDCard", but don't dare mess with them without knowing what I'm doing.

    My first issue is how to locate and delete the backup files so I can regain space on the device. BTW: My SD card has over 40GB free space available - so plenty of room there. I'm just concerned that if I delete the only backup that is still listed in ROM Manager, I may be deleting a backup I need later if I unroot. Or is my Titanium Backup (of "userapps + system data") enough of a backup?

    Additionally, my phone has downloaded the OTA update that I have not installed because I'm rooted. I tried using instructions on how to delete the downloaded update, from another thread, but file names don't match and again - uncharted territory for me.

    So I need help freeing up space on my phone, deleting the OTA update, or possibly just returning to unrooted mode. Not sure of my best options. Thanks for any help and again, I apologize for the lengthy post.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    1) Titanium backup will back up all your apps and their data. That's all it backs up. You have to back up your pictures, videos, music, etc.

    2) You can tell Titanium Backup to back up to the external card. (But get used to having a phone large enough to back up internally - as of Kit Kat, apps can't write to the external card.)

    3) There have been many reports of problems with S4s updated to 4.4, so I wouldn't. (I have a Note 3 as my daily driver, but I have the update app frozen. A phone with older firmware that works is a lot better than one with the latest firmware that doesn't work. Maybe after people have been using 4.4.2 with no problems for a few months, I'll unfreeze it and update.)

    4) You should be able to back up with ROM Manager to your computer. (I haven't used it since SD card meant external. It may only back up to the primary SD card, which is now the internal one - sdcard0.) Are you sure you're seeing "storage" under sdcard0, or are you seeing /storage/sdcard0? That's the other way around - sdcard0 (the "internal sd card") is part of storage.
  3. limoman

    limoman New Member

    Using ES File Explorer I go to "Device" and from what appears to be the root folder, I see "storage". Inside "storage" I see (among other folders) "sdcard0" and "extSdCard". From what I can tell, this "extSdCard" folder is the actual external SD card. Just a strange tree structure.

    But, I still have no clue where ROM Manager put all the backup files that consumed all my internal storage space.
  4. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    Under storagecard0 (internal storage), you don't see a folder that says clockworkmod?

    When I first backed mine up internally, that's where it was. I have it set to back up to the SD now

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