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Sprint in Fargo, ND

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  1. dennygreen

    dennygreen Well-Known Member

    On the off chance that there are any Fargoans here, how has sprint's coverage treated you around here. Like in Fargo and out in the Detroit Lakes area. The maps on sprint's site don't look too good.

    I'm trying to decide between Sprint and the evo and verizon and the incredible, but I don't know anyone that uses Sprint.

  2. RedsGT

    RedsGT Well-Known Member

    I'm getting an EVO on the 4th and live in Fargo. I only know one person that has sprint right now but she says she never has any issues (not a power user). The place I work issues sprint 3G modems to employees when they checkout a work laptop to use at home, and we never hear any complains from them.

    Kinda sucks I'm taking a chance with Sprint, but they do have 30 day money back guarantee, so I guess we'll see.
  3. dennygreen

    dennygreen Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I may just get one to try out for 30 days. It's not like I can get an Incredible anywhere anyway.

    I wonder what the chances of getting an evo around here on the 4th even though I didn't preorder.
  4. RedsGT

    RedsGT Well-Known Member

    Moorhead, MN RS - 2 Pre-orders, 1 for Walk ins - Opening 9am (Normal Time)
    Fargo, ND RS - 7 Pre-orders, 7 for Walk ins - Opening 10am (Normal Time)
    Fargo, ND BB - "Crap load" Pre-orders, 0 for Walk ins - Opening 9am (Normal Time)
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  5. dennygreen

    dennygreen Well-Known Member


    how's that evo workin out so far?

    I'm still deciding
  6. Michaelj1981

    Michaelj1981 Active Member

    I just got the evo got it for 199.99 at Walmart best buy has the same deal. I got it n Detroit lakes Walmart. I live n Fargo myself
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  7. RedsGT

    RedsGT Well-Known Member

    I have yet to find a 3G deadspot. I even get 3G in my underground parking garage.:eek:

    EDIT: I don't travel much, so as long as I get data in Fargo/Moorhead, I'm happy.
  8. Michaelj1981

    Michaelj1981 Active Member

    I love it, its kinda big but you get used to it after awhile. The one amazing thing that alot of people i know that dont get into phones like i am and are going to buy it is cuz of the crisp picture quality. The video calling is a huge bonus as well. Its super fast i like how u can just zoom through things without a lag. But sometimes there can be a lag but not very often.

    Get the phone u get 30 days if u dont like it.
    Like i said before best buy and walmart have it for 199.99 for new contracts or upgrades

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