[Sprint] Insecure kernel for Galaxy Victory

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  1. xInterlopeRx

    xInterlopeRx Well-Known Member Developer

    This should kick off some development on this device.

    USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! As often as possible we build things from scratch and while this yields better long term results it is more risky at the beginning. These files are the same boot.img made from source packed for convenience. But, first:

    This is a set of generic instructions that should cover most situations you might encounter working with Samsung
    devices, boot, recovery and roms. It is not intended to be exhaustive, but concise.

    To flash a kernel with fastboot (assuming you have fastboot):
    if you have adb on your computer run this command: adb reboot bootloader
    if it goes into Download Mode run this command: fastboot devices
    if the prompt returne the device serial number you can flash the recovery or boot image.
    FOR RECOVERY: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    FOR BOOT: fastboot flash boot boot.img

    To flash a kernel with ODIN flashing tool:
    if you have adb use this command: adb reboot bootloader or adb reboot download
    Once the device is in Download mode connect it to the computer. The first "Slot" will populate with
    some info about your device and the smaller window will be yellow.
    Make sure "repartition" does NOT have a check mark and make sure "reboot" has a check mark
    From PDA find the .tar file you want to flash and let it RIP!

    To flash a .zip in CWMR:
    If you have adb use this command: adb reboot recovery
    Once in recovery you will be presented with a menu; chose flash zip, not update zip
    navigate to the file you want to flash and LET IT RIP!

    If you need further instructions, find a member of OUDHS on IRC.

    I don't have ODIN, Google if you need it.

    Tools to get the job done:
    www.waywardpilgrim.net/android/tools/CL-binary-win.zip <<< fastboot and adb for windows

    The goddies:

    Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood HITSQUAD!

  2. rbheromax

    rbheromax Well-Known Member

    I dont know if you have messed around with Samsung phones, but Samsung doesn't include fastboot on their devices. The equivalent of fastboot would be Download Mode but the android sdk can't bridge Download Mode to fastboot (or I haven't seen or heard of it)
  3. xInterlopeRx

    xInterlopeRx Well-Known Member Developer

    Usually Samsung uses proprietary processors, like the Exynos line, that are not compatible with fast boot. This device, and the Galaxy Rush and Reverb, have Qualcomm processors which are compatible with fastboot. I've seen it work in either download mode or boot loader depending on the device. If you have the fastboot binaries on your computer whichever mode your device has can be tested with the command "fastboot devices" Since I don't own the device, and no one has joined to discuss such things I cannot say which this device has. Cheers.
  4. rbheromax

    rbheromax Well-Known Member

    Was this built from source?
  5. xInterlopeRx

    xInterlopeRx Well-Known Member Developer

    No, source didn't want to build.
  6. rbheromax

    rbheromax Well-Known Member

    Is the SRC on ur github for this phone fixed yet?

    edit: nvm see below post
  7. rbheromax

    rbheromax Well-Known Member

    I went back and re-downloaded "SPH-L300_ICS_Opensource.zip" from Samsung website in hopes of "fixing" it, but the src builds. I got modules and built with linaro.

    It builds as follows:

    $ export ARCH=arm
    $ make gogh_defconfig
    $ make
  8. rbheromax

    rbheromax Well-Known Member

    I should prolly compile a jb one too, idk maybe
  9. christiansoto

    christiansoto Well-Known Member

    can anyone fix the link so i can flash on my jelly bean device

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