Sprint is THE BEST national carrier, both postpaid and prepaid!

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  1. Sprint has the best values for it's awesome handsets in the wireless industry.

    In the postpaid arena, here I am rocking the Samsung EPIC 4G, which is the absolute best phone to launch in 2010. It's only $79.99 for Unlimited talk, text, and web on the Sprint 4G network, which is $20 cheaper than runner-up T-Mobile and $35-40 cheaper than AT&T and Verizon. Sprint's coverage is beyond adequate and there is a roaming agreement with Verizon that doesn't cost extra other than the Any Mobile, Anytime feature not applying while roaming and a 300 MB per month roaming data cap.

    In the prepaid arena, we have Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. Both offer the best values for Android smartphones on the market. We have the LG Optimus V costing only $25 per month for Unlimited text and web with 300 minutes. For those who talk a lot, we have the Samsung Galaxy Prevail costing $50 per month for Unlimited talk, text, and web that goes as low as $35 per month if you remain a customer for 18 months. Both run on the Sprint 3G network and are decent entry-level Android phones.

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  2. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    agreed, I could not be happier with Sprint. (and I dont even have 4G in my area, yet!) It would really take something major to get me to switch to anyone else. The money I have saved with Sprint has been remarkable. Not only in the regular monthly savings on cell bills, but mostly in the overages fees I would have got nailed with from Verizon and ATT. In some months I would have gotten overage fees of about 50 bucks/month if i were on Verizon, and 80 if i were on ATT. If you compare the value, Sprint is hard to beat.. and the network coverage is good as well... and I travel more than most.
  3. vicshalls

    vicshalls Well-Known Member

    I lovery sprint. Even though i am no longer a gold member father is fone withat me. I have my economic and i could not be happier with any other phone. I have a year to go to have 10 years with them and i could not be happier. Customer service is good and i never drop calls even when i travel.
  4. Kimboinatl

    Kimboinatl Active Member

    Bumping this for more opinions on Sprint. I've had T-Mobile for a long, long time (back when they were Powertel), and I have really enjoyed their service, but I use quite a bit of data when tethering (>5GB/month sometimes) and it's pretty much unusable once they throttle it. Plus Sprint just sounds cheaper. In particular, if anyone who has switched from T-Mobile to Sprint can give me an opinion I'd greatly appreciate it.
  5. bobbyhuSTLe

    bobbyhuSTLe Member

    I've been thinking about this for a while. From my experience on these forums and whatnot, it seems like when someone states "I've been with (carrier) for (10) years, it generally seems to be a Sprint customer. Not to say that other carriers don't have long time customers, it just seems from what I've seen, Sprint seems to have the most loyal customers. By the way...been with Sprint since '99.
  6. 4G data is actually unlimited with Sprint. The 5 GB cap only applies to 3G tethered data.
  7. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    Actually, if you are referring to tethering your phone, data is unlimited on 3G and 4G... no caps or throttling anytime using your phone... even when tethered.

    The only instance of a cap is if you're using mobile broadband card/mobile hotspot.. then 3G is capped at 5GB... and 4G is unlimited.

    So, it makes the most sense to use your phone and tether, but that is just me.
  8. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    I've used over 10GB a month on several occasions by tethering my EVO to my laptop, and there is no overages or throttling whether your on 3G or 4G with Sprint... So you wont need to worry about any of that.
    My brother switched from T-Mobile to Sprint a couple months ago, and hes been very happy with it.
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  9. Well, aren't 4G upload speeds capped at 1 Mbps on phones while they're not capped on broadband cards/mobile hotspots?
  10. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    Yes, I believe that is true, I was referring to down load cap's and throttling, like the post i responded to.
  11. CarrieK

    CarrieK Well-Known Member

    I've been with Sprint for 8+ years and am very satisfied. I've had very few problems but when I have customer service has been excellent. My entire immediate family is all on Sprint now. Due to the unlimited mobile to mobile I don't have to count minutes. I also don't have to worry about data overages. You get the most for your money and the best phone selections IMHO.
  12. Kimboinatl

    Kimboinatl Active Member

    Thanks for the info everyone. I have "heard" that Sprint wasn't so good with regard to both customer service and coverage, but that always seems to be from non-Sprint customers. Sprint customers always seem to be pretty happy. Definitely food for thought.

    I've really been anticipating picking up the LG Optimus 2X through T-mo, but I may hold off a bit and see what Sprint is coming out with.

    EDIT: Is Sprint coming out with anything comparable to the G2X?
  13. New Sprint phones coming up are the Nexus S 4G and the HTC EVO 3D 4G. There should also be a Samsung Galaxy S2 variant that will the EPIC 4G's successor.
  14. jaburk

    jaburk New Member

    WTF! Unlimited talk, text, and web is $99.99 + $10 for the premium data fee. I don't know where you came up with $79.99.

  15. djkleric

    djkleric Well-Known Member

    69.99 unlimited mobile to mobile. 450 landline minutes, which many people dont have anymore. +10 bs tax =79.99
  16. It's not mobile to mobile; it's Any Mobile, Anytime.
  17. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

  18. That's comparing Sprint's home coverage (in green) to Sprint's roaming coverage (mostly on Verizon towers) in gray. It's mostly likely Verizon that's forcing these changes (capped minutes and data usage while roaming). I am always in a home coverage area unless I'm traveling (which I don't do very often). Even then, most hotels I stay at have free Wi-Fi and usage of their phones.

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